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Where to meet Mums in Sevenoaks

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DCCR Sun 12-Jul-20 10:59:53


I am moving to Sevenoaks soon and nearly 27 weeks pregnant with my first baby. I am new to Kent and really keen to get settled in and meet new Mums, even if virtually for the time being! I would love to know more about what activities there are for Mums and babies. I was thinking of doing something on Meet Up but now sure if something already exists.

Thanks a lot smile


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crazychemist Sun 12-Jul-20 11:27:29

Hi Dominique,

I’m not in Sevenoaks itself, I’m about 30 mins away, but know it very well (DH’s grandmother lives there, and he worked there for a couple of years) and I’ve been local to this area most of my life (moved back to be near parents when expecting DD).

Lots of things are not running at the moment, but normally there are lots of Sure Start centres with different activities on different days of the week, I’ve met some really lovely mums that way and have got to know them really well (although it does take a while, the first couple of times you go people don’t tend to say much as everyone is looking after their little ones). I’ve found that to be a far better source of mum friends than various activities to do with DD that cost money (Baby sensory, hartbeeps etc) - those ones tend to be very busy, so no time to chat, whereas the sure start activities are much more chilled and there’s more chatting time. If you have a car, you could go to a different stay and play every day! Lots of the local libraries have bounce and rhyme too, which if you have one in walking distance is really great as people tend to walk together and have a good natter.

Church groups are also a really great way to meet local mums if you’re comfortable with that - they tend to have designated cup of tea and chat times, so you really get to know people well and I’ve found mine to be really supportive. My DD has some wonderful friends from her group, and they are all really local so we could easily pop into each other’s houses for a cuppa when convenient (not at the moment obviously).

Basically, there’s a tonne of stuff laid on, and much of it is free (although there are paid activities as well if you fancy them, but might be better to hold off on those until DC is a bit bigger and nap/feeding times are a bit more predictable so you know what time of day is best for you). I wrote myself a lTitle timetable of what was on where each day. If DD was sleeping or I didn’t feel up to it, we didn’t go, but at least I knew there was something we COULD do each day. Now DD is 3, I have a tonne of local mum friends.

Don’t feel bad if it takes a little time to get a network. When your baby is tiny, they take a lot of you time and mental energy, and that will be true of the people you meet, so it can take a while to get friendships established.

DCCR Sun 12-Jul-20 16:47:02


Thanks so much for your detailed response. That all sounds wonderful! I'm really keen to get involved with the local church, its good to know they have designated sessions for Mums to get to know each other.

I'm also having a little girl smile. That's really reassuring to hear, I have found it quite daunting thinking about moving to a new area as well as having a baby during these times so I will enjoy planning all these activities in advance.

We are moving from London but I am originally from Wimborne so can't wait to get back into the country side. Kent seems to have it all!

The Sure Start Centre sounds especially good! I can't wait.

Thanks again

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crazychemist Mon 13-Jul-20 22:17:45

I love Kent grin. As I said, I grew up here and I think it’s a wonderful place to be a child. I was really happy to have the option of moving back here to raise our family.

Sure start centres obviously not currently open, and no indication that they will open before September, so I imagine there will be changes, but if you want to get an idea of what is usually going on, you can look at the pre-Covid timetables:

Each Kent district has its own timetable of activities. I’m quite close to the boundary of Sevenoaks with Dartford and gravesham boroughs, so I had a look at all 3 timetables - trust me, there’s something to do every day if you fancy it! All the activities are free, and things like stay and play don’t require any booking, you just sign in when you arrive (they give you a form to fill in the first time you come).

Your local churches will have websites too, although they might not have information about toddler groups at the moment (mine has taken it down while it’s not running). There are a couple of churches in/around Sevenoaks that have Messy Church - that’s only on about once a month, but is great fun, and you can often sign up to stay for a meal at the end if you want to. The Messy Church nativity is thoroughly silly, but worth it. Regular toddler groups are normally posted on church websites, I know ours is hoping to restart in September, so maybe check websites then? (I think that’s before your due, can’t quite count!)

Basically there’s TONNES going on in and around Sevenoaks that is really good for socialising and totally free. Brilliant way to meet mums and get integrated into your community really quickly.

Best of luck with the move, I hope you really love living there grin

crazychemist Mon 13-Jul-20 22:20:32

Oh, and if you ever drag yourself as far as the New Ash Green stay and play on a Wednesday do say hi! I’ll be the one with a 4yo girl who sings to herself constantly, and either a HUUGE bump or a pair of twin boys (depending on whether you are there before or after the start of Nov)

peachypetite Tue 14-Jul-20 11:02:02

Download the peanut app and join your local group?

Enko Tue 14-Jul-20 11:04:31

There is a Facebook group called Sevenoaks woman's forum might be worth joining it is used a lot so worth being a part off

DCCR Sun 19-Jul-20 21:55:18


Oh, and if you ever drag yourself as far as the New Ash Green stay and play on a Wednesday do say hi! I’ll be the one with a 4yo girl who sings to herself constantly, and either a HUUGE bump or a pair of twin boys (depending on whether you are there before or after the start of Nov)

I would love to say hi! Massive congratulations on your twins, that is wonderful. The first thing I will do is get a car when I get to Kent! Thank you so much, your replies really put a smile on my face! Its so nice to know that its such a lovely area to raise a child with lots of great networks. I will make sure to follow all of your advice! I had no idea how many activities were free to do, major bonus! I look forward to getting a colour coded chart of all the activities she will be doing to keep on top of it all. I am very intrigued about the messy church day! Sounds like there will be a lot of fun for the adults as well grin

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crazychemist Tue 21-Jul-20 10:35:14

@DCCR a car is very useful around here, so glad you will have one. I borrow my mum’s but am definitely considering getting my own for when I have 3 to schlep around! There are literally tonnes of free activities in the area. Plenty that you can pay for too if the fancy takes you, but I do think they’re better for slightly older children who get more out of them.

Best of luck for your move and the remainder of your pregnancy

kerryw1992 Mon 27-Jul-20 20:40:46

Hey 😊
I'm another one suggesting the peanut app, it's been amazing for me. I was skeptical but I've met a few local mums from there who I really get on with already!
I'll leave the link incase you fancy giving it a go 😊
Good luck! x

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