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Early pregnancy test

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GoshHashana Sat 11-Jul-20 19:05:53

There's no mistaking that one!

Hanrora06 Sat 11-Jul-20 18:53:58

Congratulations! I'm not convinced about this darkness of the line thing meaning a great deal, sometimes it can just depend on how concentrated your urine was- but that's definitely definitely pregnant! How far along do you think you are?

lockdownpregnancy Sat 11-Jul-20 18:23:42

You are absolutely 100% pregnant from looking at that! Congratulation 💐💐💐

user1492848984 Sat 11-Jul-20 18:17:41

I’ve just done a preg test and the test line is so dark it’s pulled dye from the control line.. is this a good sign?

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