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36 weeks pregnant and fed up

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TellMeMore2020 Sat 11-Jul-20 14:02:34

Hi all

With this being my first baby I'm pretty much in the dark about what's normal/not normal.

I'm currently 36 weeks and today I have woken up in THE WORST MOOD-this is not like me at all. Not only that, I can probably stand for about 10 minutes then my back starts aching! I don't want to be stuck lying/sat down all the time it can't be healthy.

I had a growth scan yesterday and the DR told me baby is measuring big. Head is big but 'within range', thighs are normal size and tummy is measuring 3 weeks bigger.

Has anyone had similar experiences their pregnancies. Backache, moods, big fetal weight?

Thanks in advance 😔

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AAJJ83 Tue 28-Jul-20 16:33:17

Hi TellMeMore2020,
I’m 36 weeks tomorrow with my 3rd and feel the same. Soooo fed up, can’t sleep, can’t get comfy, moody, heartburn etc. No real advice just to say you have my sympathies and know you’re not alone! Plus I’ve got 2 weeks after this left in work and I don’t know where I’m supposed to muster the energy from. My only bit of advice for you is relax as much as you can with having 2 other children it’s near impossible at the mo! Hope are you feeling about giving birth in the midst of a pandemic??

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