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Signs labour are near

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July2020baby Sat 11-Jul-20 06:53:08


With my first I didn’t go into labour naturally so have no idea.

I’m full term now and for the last couple of nights I’ve been waking every hour for a wee and have had an upset stomach in the mornings. Also been getting lower back pain every now and again?

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LatteLover12 Sat 11-Jul-20 07:26:15

It sounds like things might be slowly starting for you.

I think the upset stomach is a good sign. I had this for a few days then I started to lose my plug.

The plug was coming away for a few days before I started with pains and had a bleed (totally normal). It was still a few more days (and a sweep) before labour was really established but this latent phase is still taking you in the right direction! Good luck!

Gin4thewin Sat 11-Jul-20 07:49:16

My 2nd started with a low BH type pain a week before that would come and go, i got REALLY restless, i didn't know what i wanted to do/sit/eat and got frustrated, the day it kicked off i went right off food and was sick before bed. I had had my bloody earlier on in the week too

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