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irregular contractions

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mindy26 Fri 28-Sep-07 08:54:52

ive been having contractions since wed night, with no regular pattern tho, sometimes every 10 mins, sometimes 15 mins and sometimes they go away for an hour or 2 then come back, my waters havent broken yet but im gettin so frustrated now, when will i get to meet my baby???

jamila169 Fri 28-Sep-07 10:12:46

Chances are mindy, you're in what's known as latent labour -sorry to say but it can go on for a long time but the good news is that it gives the baby time to get into the best possible position for birth and can make for a shorter labour, the best thing is to resist the temptation to overdo things to make the contractions come on quicker - they'll do that on their own in their own time and get plenty of rest- consider it a dress rehearsal and if you're worried them speak to yuor midwife.
Good luck for an easy birth
Lisa X

asicsgirl Fri 28-Sep-07 14:26:04

Hi Mindy, I had a very similar thing in my first pg. I got to the stage where I was grunting and groaning with each contraction, really feeling they were very strong, but because they were not regular the midwives' receptionist kept putting me off. Eventually I rang the midwife led unit (where I was due to have the baby) at 5am, stamped my feet until they let me speak to a MW and she said 'well come in if you're worried, we'll have a look at you'. I went in with DP and all my stuff, thinking I would be sent home again. The MW examined me and found I was 3cm dilated! So I stayed in and DS was born at 3pm that afternoon.

So what I'm saying is... some people's contractions never do become that regular. If you feel like things are happening in other ways (e.g. you're really finding the contractions very uncomfortable, having to lean up against things etc!) then insist that someone looks you over.

Best of luck!

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