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Bump feels bruised?

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Twitchett22 Fri 10-Jul-20 15:06:36

I'm 16 weeks and thought I felt a bruise on my bump today. When I checked there's nothing visible to see but now I've pressed it feels bruised in a line all the way around the bump? Just below my belly button. I've had a look online but everyone else's stories are all when they're near their due date and baby's been kicking hard and things.
Just wondered if anyone else has had it this early and is it just my bump growing?

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Melonslicexx Fri 10-Jul-20 15:31:33

I remember allsorts of aches and pains. I wonder if it's just things are moving and pushing out of place now? Ask your midwife perhaps and she can tell you what it could be? X

erised24 Fri 10-Jul-20 16:20:11

Sounds like round ligament pain. I had it, felt very sore to the touch just like a bruise.

CazzaCat Fri 10-Jul-20 17:22:43

@Twitchett22 definitely sounds like round ligament pain, you will be stretching a lot at the moment!

UrsulaSings Fri 10-Jul-20 18:11:04

I can get this round my belly button I think from stretching.

Twitchett22 Fri 10-Jul-20 19:13:37

Thanks everyone, my bump has definitely grown the last few days so likely that!

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