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Pregnant after missed pill?

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Lizzyyy98 Thu 09-Jul-20 17:34:05

Hi, I had a little baby 4 months ago. I started cerazette 3 months ago. Roughly 6 weeks ago I missed a pill as I forgot and then maybe 4 weeks ago I took one later than normal as I forgot to take it. Since I started cerazette my periods have been quite longer lasting, I took a period 23rd may till 31st then I took another bleed around 6th June to the 10th June which was unusual because I dont usually bleed that quick after a period. I'm aware I had a baby 4 months ago and it can take a while for periods to go back to normal but I am now a week late for when my period calendar is telling me my period should be due and I am petrified for the fact I could be pregnant again and cant bring myself to take a test. Is this normal on cerazette ? Or should I be concerned due to missing a pill and taking one quite later than usual ?

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Sidge Thu 09-Jul-20 17:37:37

Irregular bleeding isn’t uncommon on Cerazette. Period trackers aren’t usually relevant when using hormonal contraception, they’re for natural cycles.

You have a 12 window from your usual time to take your pill, so how “late” was the late one 4 weeks ago?

It’s worth doing a test just to check, and hopefully put your mind at rest.

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