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Bumpy car ride, night sweats and baby twitching?

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Clewinnn Thu 09-Jul-20 09:26:48

Wondering if anyone else has experienced this as I am worried😟

I am 37 weeks today
I went on a bumpy car drive 1.5hours each way and I was having lots of braxton hicks but no pain on returning back I sat down and put my hand on my belly and could feel baby moving normal however I also noticed he is making tiny twitching movement like how your eye twitches. it isn't much maybe one twitch once in an hour or in a row of 4 but they are very subtle. now I am worried I may have damaged the baby from the rough driving. I cant see it anywhere on Internet about these kinds of twitches.

also is anyone having night sweats at this stage?

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Clewinnn Thu 09-Jul-20 09:27:52

They are definitely not hiccups and not praxtise breathing. He does those everyday. Xx

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