Gallstones & Pregnant - any experience?

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Thisismyusername2020 Wed 08-Jul-20 21:57:39

So I was diagnosed with Gallstones in January and referred for surgery to get the Gallbladder removed. Such bad timing, I have fell pregnant whilst waiting on the surgery appointment.

So, surgeon will no longer consider removing my Gallbladder until 3 months after I've had baby.

I'm now 9 weeks pregnant trying my absolute best to keep to an extremely low fat diet, however, I do still have very painful Gallbladder attacks every week or two.

Has anyone else been in the same situation? Do you have any advise about painkillers, diet and will this get worse as my pregnancy progresses?

Thanks xxx

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Rachael321 Wed 08-Jul-20 22:06:28

My gallstones were discovered just a few weeks ago... I'm 33 weeks pregnant now and been told to try and persevere with painkillers, paracetamol or cocodamol and buscopan mah help! Never had any trouble before I was pregnant! But have had a fair few very painful attacks in the last 6/8 weeks

Rachael321 Wed 08-Jul-20 22:07:27

should add... if I end up unwell through the gallstones the will induce me and get baby out to then try and get gallbladder out

Thisismyusername2020 Thu 09-Jul-20 00:16:00


should add... if I end up unwell through the gallstones the will induce me and get baby out to then try and get gallbladder out

What a nightmare! My surgeon, GP and Nurse Practitioner have all said that there's no need to panic. Follow a strict low fat diet and all will be well. I'm terrified about the thing rupturing, although they've ensured me this is very rare that it's not even a concern to them.

I just feel it's going to be a mega long pregnancy with this worry on my mind (along with the usual pregnancy anxieties to do with baby).

Hopefully all goes well for you and that you make it through this last stretch without any bother. xxx

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Ritchie30 Thu 09-Jul-20 02:42:25

@Thisismyusername2020 Ohhh how awful 😔 i don’t have any experience of it during pregnancy thankfully but you full have my sympathy over the pain!
It took a year and a half for me to get my gallstones diagnosed. The doctors wouldn’t entertain me because I didn’t “fit the profile” of someone with gallstones. I had severe attacks 2-3 days a week for that year and a half 🤢 before they then gave me surgery within the week because I was passing out 😳
My main advice would be to keep a good diary and check for triggers. I was eating super low fat healthy meals and was still having horrendous pain. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking it’s just unhealthy foods that will cause you problems. Turns out it was every time I ate dairy or some certain fruits and veg. Might not be the same for everyone but was definitely the case for me.
In terms of pain, I’m not sure what’s allowed in pregnancy. I used to sit in the bath with a hot shower hitting me in the back. It wouldn’t take away the pain but it gave me slight relief for the time I was in there and just took the edge off the pain.
I hope the attacks ease off and you manage to enjoy your pregnancy then get the surgery that you need ❤️

SenorPeabodyEsq Thu 09-Jul-20 02:55:31

That sounds so awful.

Not the same thing but a friend of mine got appendicitis while pregnant and had to have it out while pregnant, which was scary for her.

Jullyria Thu 09-Jul-20 03:04:40

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Tatty1987 Fri 08-Jan-21 19:07:15

@Thisismyusername2020 I know this is an old thread but I’ve also got gallstones in pregnancy and I wondered how you were getting on?

37TTCLeeds Fri 08-Jan-21 19:34:59

Same here, I have horrendous pain in my right shoulder and in the centre of my ribs at the front after eating pretty much anything! Tried cutting out fat, citrus, spice, chocolate and nothing helps. Gaviscon doesn't touch it. Spoke to GP twice and they won't do anything. Only thing that offers some relief is a hot water bottle on my shoulder blade but is so uncomfortable !

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