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It's gross but is this my plug??

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grace1991 Wed 08-Jul-20 20:24:32

Hey! 39 weeks today. Is this my plug just gone?? And what happens next and when !!? Thankyou xx

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Buzzfrightyears Wed 08-Jul-20 20:26:00

It could be, was it quite large? Mine was blood stained, both times. However I didn’t go into labour immediately and I think another plug can form!! Have you had a sweep?

grace1991 Wed 08-Jul-20 20:27:33

@Buzzfrightyears yes it's the size of a 2 pound coin. I've had two sweeps too x

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BlueBlazerBlack Wed 08-Jul-20 20:30:25

It could be. I lost my plug and went into labour about 2 days later.

chubbyhotchoc Wed 08-Jul-20 20:35:16

Yes looks like it. I had my daughter about 8 hours after the plug went

grace1991 Wed 08-Jul-20 21:08:18

@BlueBlazerBlack @chubbyhotchoc oh wow ok!! Well I've had two sweeps already so I'm hoping things progress soon. Although I've read it can still be like two weeks !!!

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grace1991 Thu 09-Jul-20 18:16:22

Still no baby! Plug has come out three times

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itisntfriday1223555 Thu 09-Jul-20 18:19:19

Doh, I was lucky after a sweep at 37weeks in the am, she can that evening.

Did they give you a score when they did the sweep? That’s an indication as to whether an induction would work / if you are likely to go into sponatosus labour etc

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