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Needing dentist during lockdown-pregnant

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Whatinthename20 Wed 08-Jul-20 19:58:59

Just looking to see if anyone has been able to see a dentist recently? I think my temporary filling has chipped or something as it hurts to eat on that side. I was meant to have xrays in April to see if my root Canal worked but got cancelled due to covid and the fact I was in first trimester.

Im now in second trimester so will they be able to do anything for me?sad worried about them fobbing me off and it getting worse. Im not in constant pain it just doesn’t feel nice when I eat.

I am expecting a phone call from my dentist in the morning btw but wanted to hear others experiences.

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shartsi Wed 08-Jul-20 20:08:07

I went to a private dentist on Saturday. I needed my wisdom tooth to be removed, it was so painful. I paid £200.

Rainbowafterthestorm Wed 08-Jul-20 20:34:43

Yes, contact your dentist. I’m 23 weeks and had a filling removed and refilled last week. I’d been in a lot of pain that resulted in an out of hours dentist prescribing me antibiotics over the phone the weekend before. I then managed to get an appointment at my dentist early in the week, they did it without the anaesthetic (my choice) but they will do it with. She said I could try without but I could have anaesthetic if I needed it. Mine was free as I had my maternity exemption certificate with me (I usually pay private at the same dentist).

Whatinthename20 Wed 08-Jul-20 20:42:32

Thanks for that. Did you have to beg to be seen or did they fit you in due to being pregnant?

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shartsi Wed 08-Jul-20 20:45:54

Sorry OP, I am not pregnant.

sel2223 Wed 08-Jul-20 21:06:46

I had a filling fall out about 6 weeks ago and my dentist were doing triage only by telephone then referring you to the nearest 'hub' if required.
The hubs were on a traffic light system with Amber being for those classed as vulnerable, including pregnant women so my nearest Amber hub was about 20 minutes away.
I spoke to them a few times and it was emergency treatment only at that time which literally just meant removing the tooth. They weren't doing fillings or root canals or anything like that so I opted just to have some antibiotics and wait it out.
If you do need treatment urgently, they said 2nf trimester is the best time to get it done.

Maryann1975 Wed 08-Jul-20 21:09:04

One of my fillings fell out a couple of weeks ago, they saw me and put me a temporary one back in. They also saw my daughter last week to sort her braces out. We are both nhs patients and mine was just the standard charge. Dds is obviously free as she’s under 16.

Rainbowafterthestorm Wed 08-Jul-20 21:42:23

I rang twice, once to speak to out of hours, then once to my own dentist. I just told them the truth, that I was in so much pain paracetamol wasn’t touching it and it was very limited to what I could take as I was pregnant. I told them I hadn’t slept properly for 5 days either which wasn’t good for the baby. Rang at 9am and seen at 3pm. I had to wait in the dentists little garden, have my temp taken before I went in and answer some screening qs. There were a few people in the garden waiting too and none looked pregnant. So I don’t think I was prioritised because I was pregnant.

Wheezeymcleazy Thu 09-Jul-20 05:14:23

My capped tooth became agony and the pain just got worse each hour over the weekend. Paracetamol just did nothing at all. I was throwing up constantly due to how much pain I was in and it was burning into my eye and ear. I called first thing Monday morning and got an appt at 3pm. Emergency treatment only ! So my only option was to get the tooth pulled and it can't be bridged for at least 6 months because non of those sorts of services will be back in place til then. I couldn't face another hour in that pain and although I'm in pain from healing from an extraction I at least know the pain is less than before and will go away soon. If it was normal circumstances they'd have redone the root treatment but they weren't allowed. My option was sent home with nothing or get it pulled 😭 everything was done online before I turned up. Covid questionnaire sent to my mobile and filled and sent back. Doors were locked and had to call when outside for them to unlock and bring in when ready. No other people in the clinic at the same time and only 10 patients spaced out over the day. If you're able to cope with the tooth being annoying and it's not an infection I'd wait it out. I've needlessly lost a tooth due to Corona.

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