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no heart beat at 10 + weeks

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rdk Thu 27-Sep-07 19:39:11

went to midwife today after having brown stuff yesterday and then 2day it was pink sorry to much info, but she said wait till monday for my scan and whilst i was there she got the doppler out and couldnt hear the heart beat
has anyone else had this around 10 weeks
or when did u first hear babys heart beat

Olihan Thu 27-Sep-07 19:43:39

Dopplers are notoriously bad at pcking up heartbeats before about 16 weeks or so. TBH, I'm a bit shocked that she even attempted it, knowing your situation. all it's done is added to your stress and worry when probably 99% of the time it wouldn't pick up a 10 week heartbeat.

Please try not to worry too much until your scan.

kerioke Thu 27-Sep-07 19:46:01

i am appalled at your MW! mine refused to listen for heartbeat before 16 weeks as babies have so many places to hide in, its almost impossible to find them!

i can understand her trying to reassure you, but she should have known better.

i'm not gonna lie, this weekend is gonna be hard for you, it will go slowly and you will be full of what if's etc, BUT so many of us suffer bleeds during the early stages and often it is either a harmless blood sac or baby burrowing in nice and deep for a long stay! also i think things seem even more promising as you havent had any red blood... i have had brown turning to pink in three pregnancies... three healthy pregnancies. chin up babe xxx

bookthief Thu 27-Sep-07 19:48:14

Midwife didn't attempt it until 16 weeks. 10 weeks is crazily early I think.

Fingers crossed for good news for you.

rdk Thu 27-Sep-07 19:49:39

olihan, tbh it has just added to my stress, my mums just been and i told her and she said to my dp why didnt u just take her to the hospital so u dont have to sit there over the weekend worrying about it, he didnt know what to say, poor dp. thanks for your advice. smile

lulumama Thu 27-Sep-07 19:50:09

MW was probably trying to reassure you,but as has been said 10 weeks is really early for picking up HB On a doppler.

your uterus is still low down in the pelvis and the baby is tiny..

i hope you get good news on monday

BTW i bled in my first pregnancy and had a healthy baby

rdk Thu 27-Sep-07 19:53:10

thanks ladies, im glad i can come on here for advice as my mums just a so worried dont get me wrong i am wooried too but shes terrible in situations like this.

rdk Thu 27-Sep-07 19:54:45

i also had a blood in first pregnancy, got told i was miscarring but they were wrong she was born healthy and is 3 now.

wheresthevalium Thu 27-Sep-07 19:54:56

Really don't panic, my (usually fab) MW tried this with me, no heartbeat but scan was fine, DD1 now 5 smile

rdk Thu 27-Sep-07 19:55:01

meant bleed

bookthief Thu 27-Sep-07 19:56:18

rdk - do you live near a hospital with an Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit? See here.

You can self-refer and maybe they could see you tomorrow, especially if you tell them about the extra stress you're under because of the midwife trying the doppler. Got to be worth a phone call to save you a weekend of worry.

rdk Thu 27-Sep-07 19:56:45

well ladies im going to my friends house now we have a girls nite on thursdays, so i will check my messages later on tonite thanks

rdk Thu 27-Sep-07 20:00:18

book.... yeah i live near hospital with EPAU if im still the same tomorrow then i will do its a walk in clinic as my midwife told me today if i get lots more.... to go down if i need to, i did have a scan there when i was 6 weeks due to pains i was getting and did at that time see a HB.

rdk Mon 01-Oct-07 17:48:41

hi ladies i went for my scan today everything is fine saw heartbeat and all looks well.thank god

burstingbug Mon 01-Oct-07 17:59:59

That must be a huge relief rdk

rdk Mon 01-Oct-07 22:33:56

bursting.... o yeah it was grin

nh101 Wed 03-Oct-07 16:42:48

That's great news! Hope all goes well for the rest of your pregnancy.

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