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Cervical ectropian and baths

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Zara1234uk Wed 08-Jul-20 14:37:50

Hello, currently 22+3 and have posted previously regarding my cervical ectropian. It’s left over from a lletz procedure I had over 10 years ago and has been bleeding pretty regularly with me having to attend triage 10 times in 2 weeks (rhesus neg). I have been seen in colposcopy and they’re not concerned at the moment just say it will keep bleeding unfortunately. Anyway basically I just wondered if anyone had a similar issue and noticed it happens more after a bath? And didn’t after showering? Not had a bath in a while only showers and I had one last night and today am bleeding, baby’s still kicking ect so fairly sure it’s fine as they told me I can monitor at home for future events. Thanks!

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Sazzy312 Wed 08-Jul-20 14:49:19

Hey I can't really help as I don't have baths but sometimes after a shower it does bleed a bit more, I'm only 14 weeks and found out i have an ectropion at 10 weeks but also got a hemorrhage inside the womb so I just bleed every day, and I don't find it has any pattern it can bleed heavy after sitting or if I've been walking around so I'm all a bit clueless with it, i wonder if I'll be able to swim at all this pregnancy

Zara1234uk Wed 08-Jul-20 15:48:45

@Sazzy312 thank you for replying. Yeah I had a hemmorhage in my first pregnancy and like you bled none stop it’s annoying isn’t it! In the end mine absorbed and didn’t happen again until I was 36+5 and then I was induced. That’s good to know that after a shower it happens a bit more. I’ve spoke to triage and the lovely midwife knows me on a first name basis now! She said just to monitor it and get back to her. I’m defiantly thinking I I’ll avoid baths altogether now it’s not worth the stress. Thanks again.

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Sazzy312 Wed 08-Jul-20 16:06:57

@Zara1234uk at what point in your pregnancy did it get absorbed? I hope mine doesn't continue the whole pregnancy as it is draining but as long as baby is OK I can cope with it, aww good to hear about midwife, mine is the same she's gonna give me weekly calls to see how I'm doing smile

Zara1234uk Wed 08-Jul-20 16:28:17

@Sazzy312 mine lasted from 10 weeks till 20, I know it’s inconvenient isn’t it but as long as they’re ok! I also had a small one from 8 weeks in this pregnancy which had absorbed by my 12 week scan. My sister had one the whole way through her pregnancy from around 14 weeks and it never absorbed, it actually grew lots, but didn’t affect baby and he was born at 38+2 no issues at all. She just bled a lot afterwards. Ah that’s good then! I’m glad she’s nice too, it’s a worrying time isn’t it but will be worth it in the end smile

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Sazzy312 Wed 08-Jul-20 16:57:28

Oh right wow, nice (not nice) that your sister had one so you could talk to someone about it, I don't know anyone so just rely on people from here to tell me their experience, so thanks for talking about yours smile I've bleed from 6 weeks but I had a cyst on ovary so they assumed it was that to start with then what with the ectropion and the hemorrhage I could be bleedibg for a number of reasons lol mine grew but on the 12 week scan it wasn't even talk about or measured, it is still there but they didn't seem bothered, fingers crossed to us all for healthy happy babies x

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