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Achey feet already!

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Sls668 Mon 06-Jul-20 09:23:37

Hi guys,
I’m 23 weeks pregnant and already my feet and calves are so painful every single evening. Has anybody got any advice on ways to reduce this? There isn’t much swelling yet but I can see it’s starting when I’ve been on the go all day!
I’m only 4’11 and weighed 8 stone 6lbs pre-pregnancy. I’ve put on 11lbs so far and wonder if this may factor in to why I’m feeling it already!
I’ve bought a foot spa which I used last night and was ok, I didn’t really feel the relief I wanted but it did help slightly. Does anyone know if compression socks may help? I feel like my feet will have exploded my the time I give birth at this rate!

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sel2223 Mon 06-Jul-20 11:56:20

I've had increasingly achy and swollen feet throughout this pregnancy (currently 35 weeks).

It started with them just throbbing a bit and tightening up as the day went on. Now I have proper cankles and my feet are really painful all day every day (I can't even walk properly when I first get up).

It's awful. Apparently it's fairly common though and not normally anything to worry about (my BP, urine and bloods all fine). The same hormones relaxing your body can also relax the ligaments around the arch of your feet.

The only thing I've found to give some relief is to lie with my legs up (above 45 degrees). That sets the heartburn off but helps the feet so I only do it when they're particularly bad.

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