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Please tell me when your nausea stopped.

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ttcchapter1 Mon 06-Jul-20 00:03:07

At how many weeks? 😫 I'm 11 weeks and can no longer handle this. Not puking a lot but a whole lot of nausea.

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GuiltyBark Mon 06-Jul-20 00:08:28

Around 12 weeks. It was like a switch turned off. I know some people get it throughout but generally it's around 12 weeks. Yup it's horrid. X

avamiah Mon 06-Jul-20 00:13:10

I was lucky I didn’t get sick but made up for it by having a horrendous time giving birth .
My daughter is 10 now and a only child.

comeasyouare91 Mon 06-Jul-20 00:17:55

14 weeks with my first pregnancy then 17 weeks for my second. Unfortunately, the nausea returned with my second around 30 weeks. I felt the only thing that helped me was snacking almost every hour on things like digestive biscuits or grapes. Poor you, it really is rough and I hope it passes soon

Popjam Mon 06-Jul-20 00:19:59

I had very bad nausea on my first pregnancy but it eased around 16/17 weeks.

Didn't have it half as bad on my next pregnancies.

Wallabyone Mon 06-Jul-20 00:21:28

Pregnancy 1 continued throughout, unfortunately.
Pregnancies 2 and 3 the worst of the sickness ended by 20 weeks, but I'd still get occasional bouts of nausea. I wish you well, and hope it passes soon x

CoffeeBeansGalore Mon 06-Jul-20 00:22:04

Try sucking small ice cubes. Open windowd & allow plenty of fresh air through the house so no strong smells. I feel for you flowers

CoffeeBeansGalore Mon 06-Jul-20 00:22:30

* windows

MazDazzle Mon 06-Jul-20 00:26:02

16 weeks. Up until then it felt like I had a permanent hangover. After that point I felt fine! It passes. It will get better. The first few months were definitely the worst.

Thinkpinkstink Mon 06-Jul-20 00:29:11

12 weeks on the dot.

I has the odd wave of nausea after then (which I thought could be hormone rushes), but I was largely in the clear from 12 weeks onward.

You'll get the odd person who suffers their whole pregnancy, but usually when your placenta takes-over providing your baby with nutrition, you tend to feel a heap better.

Thinkpinkstink Mon 06-Jul-20 00:38:40

*had (not has)

Rubyandsaphire Mon 06-Jul-20 00:39:58

Both times the minute I gave birth.

sel2223 Mon 06-Jul-20 00:48:13

It got a lot better around week 14 then went completely around 20 weeks.
Looking back, I think weeks 7-11 were the worst though.

SinisterBumFacedCat Mon 06-Jul-20 00:48:37

When I gave birth.

Maz91 Mon 06-Jul-20 01:03:47

29 weeks still going. There are good days and bad days.

DramaAlpaca Mon 06-Jul-20 01:07:33

Poor you, OP. It's miserable.

For me it stopped completely around 20 weeks, all three times.

Purpleartichoke Mon 06-Jul-20 01:09:07

Once dd was born.
It was a long 9 months with way too much time at the hospital.

ttcchapter1 Mon 06-Jul-20 01:54:29

Thank you so much! For giving me hope and also preparing me for the worst 😂❤️

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giggly Mon 06-Jul-20 02:02:44

Right after delivery. Sorry op not what you’re wanting to hear.

BakedBeeeen Mon 06-Jul-20 02:15:01

Hi OP, mine finished at 16 weeks. The poor poor women who have it the whole pregnancy are the exceptions.

sarahc336 Mon 06-Jul-20 06:29:38

Both pregnancies got better around 12 weeks but didn't fully go until about 17 weeks confused x

peachypetite Mon 06-Jul-20 07:22:26

16 weeks

Ihaveoflate Mon 06-Jul-20 07:28:12

About 14 weeks and it wasn't overnight, more of a gradual improvement. I do remember how awful it was! You're nearly there - it might start improving in the next couple of weeks.

daydreamerfordays Mon 06-Jul-20 07:42:22

I'm coming up to 15 weeks and I'd say it's gradually improving.. my marker being I can get through the morning without being sick before doing anything. Definitely still not 100% though

SerenadeOfTheSchoolRun Mon 06-Jul-20 08:07:18

14 weeks with my first, 16 with my second and 20 with my third. Fingers crossed for you that it will be 12 weeks. You have my sympathy.

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