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Induction hasn't worked!

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emjadex Sun 05-Jul-20 22:37:07

So I came in to hospital to be induced yesterday at lunch time due to reduced movements. They put a pessary in for 30 hours in total and all I got were mild tightenings and cramping. Apparently my cervix is now soft but it's still too long and they can't break my waters yet. 🤦‍♀️

I've been moved to the antental ward for 24 hours for a "break" and they're going to try again tomorrow at 6pm. 🤞

I feel so disheartened and the consultant said they will be discussing a caesarean if this doesn't work tomorrow. Looking for some positive stories. I'm feeling really upset and homesick too! 😭

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emjadex Sun 05-Jul-20 22:38:32

Also, I've been getting tightenings since then and the consultant did say it is entirely possible that I might go into labour myself. How likely do you think this is?

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EcoCustard Sun 05-Jul-20 22:50:39

2 of my 4 labours were inductions. Both occasions I had the pessary for 30 hours and neither time it worked. First occasion 3rd DC I was rested then pessary for 6 hours, which did nothing. They discussed caesarean but I point blank refused to entertain it unless baby was in danger. I was then offered the drip, when a place on the labour ward was available. My waters were broken, drip put in and baby arrived 29 minutes later.
My 2nd induction for 4th DC registrar on call removed pessary and said I was 6cm dilated. I had no twinges or signs of contractions though. He suggested a sweep to see if it would start things, I agreed and within minutes contractions started. After 30 minutes I went down to labour ward and DC4 arrived nearly 2 hours after my sweep. I remember how fed up I was first time as everyone else seemed to give birth within hours of the pessary. If your not get active, walk, bounce and squats. Good luck, hopefully things will start soon OP.

Hannah1990x Sun 05-Jul-20 22:57:09

It took 2 pessaries to get things going with my daughter, first did nothing but second got me dilated enough for them to break my waters and I had her 2 hours later.

Don't be discouraged I was told it's quite rare for one pessary to work especially in first time mums.

Bounce on the ball loads and walk around if you haven't already. Good luck smile

emjadex Mon 06-Jul-20 06:42:02

Thank you ladies!

Managed to get some sleep last night and trying to stay positive for this morning! I'm going to try and rest today but get a bit of exercise in too. Nothing happened overnight but the tightenings have started again... 🤞

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MrsCl19 Mon 06-Jul-20 06:54:19

Good luck op! 🤞🏼 could you ask them for a ball to do some bouncing?

Jojo19834 Mon 06-Jul-20 06:58:09

Good luck, hope all goes well today x

Metallicalover Mon 06-Jul-20 07:10:51

I was in hospital 2 days being induced before I had my little one. She came 6 hours after they broke my waters.I didn't need any further intervention and it's a good sign you have had changed to your cervix. Hope you meet you little one soon x

Zhampagne Mon 06-Jul-20 07:15:12

Walk walk walk and climb stairs if you can. Don’t exhaust yourself and keep something back for labour but moving as much as possible will really

ByGrabtharsHammerWhatASavings Mon 06-Jul-20 07:26:40

I had my first induction a week before my due date and after it failed they tried to pressure me into a c section, which I refused. So they sent me home and I had my second induction on my due date and was able to go into labour. It still wasn't an easy birth, but I didn't need a c section which was my biggest fear. Please look up the NICE clinical guidelines for inductions to see what all your options are.

Willowandsprinkle Mon 06-Jul-20 07:34:38

Agree with PP, if you’re allowed to walk or use a birthing ball do as much of this as possible.
My induction took 54 hours, the pessaries didn’t get full labour started- I only dilated to 1cm but was contracting on and off. My waters went naturally and then I was put onto the hormone drip and baby arrived 8 hours after with the help of ventouse.
Good luck, and enjoy your baby when they arrive. They’ll be worth the wait!x

TwinkleStars15 Mon 06-Jul-20 07:57:46

Induction is bringing on labour unnaturally so your body just isn’t ready to give birth yet, that’s why it can sometimes take a really long time. It’s also why so many inductions end in a c-section. Good luck OP.

LynnThese4reSEXPEOPLE Mon 06-Jul-20 08:10:54

@emjadex hi there. My induction was a total failure, and nothing happened after 2 pessaries. I ended up having a C-section. I've since had another c-section, and I can honestly say the recoveries were fine. Much better than sitting around for days on the antenatal ward waiting to give birth with no-one telling me anything. On both occasions I went home the next day. I could carry my baby quite easily and just had to make sure I took painkillers regularly and squatted to pick things up rather than leaning over. I hope your birth goes well whatever the means.

EcoCustard Mon 06-Jul-20 16:49:09

How’s it going OP?

emjadex Mon 06-Jul-20 19:53:19

Hi everyone, thank you for all your advice and sharing your experience!

I've just got back down to the labour ward for induction. I've had a show and some irregular tightenings. I'm hooked up to the CTG now and will be examined soon to see if I need another pessary of if they can break my waters 🤞

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Metallicalover Mon 06-Jul-20 20:01:52

🤞🤞 they can break your waters and you will meet your little one soon! 😊😊

jmh740 Mon 06-Jul-20 20:05:02

Good luck, I went in on a monday 3 pessaries later and dd was finally born on the thursday!

Mmmmycorona Mon 06-Jul-20 20:09:00

I had failed pessaries (as many as you can) and they booked me for a c section. A brilliant doctor told me they’d have a go at breaking my waters. I wasn’t even 1 cm dilated. But he managed it and I was hooked up to the drip.
Good luck.

Redred2429 Mon 06-Jul-20 20:11:54

Good luck op

EcoCustard Mon 06-Jul-20 20:33:39

Won’t be longgrin. Good luck

emjadex Mon 06-Jul-20 20:39:15

Thank you!

So they couldn't break my waters but they're optimistic that this pessary will do something! The Doctor also said because I'm constipated, baby is struggling to get his head down. 😂 I just can't go when I'm in hospital due to worrying people can hear and the food being so stodgy! They're prescribing me laxatives so hopefully that will help too 🤦‍♀️

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stairgates Mon 06-Jul-20 20:43:15

Best of luck, so excited for you, I think things will happen swiftly for you, tryand spend some time in the loo and have a clear out if they think it will help.

emjadex Tue 07-Jul-20 08:07:04

I've had back pain all night and irregular contractions so I took some pain relief to get some sleep. Woke up to horrendous pain again which I'm hoping is a positive sign!

Only issue is, someone who has been within maternity services at the hospital over the past few days whilst I've been here has tested positive for COVID-19. I'm now being nursed in isolation until my result comes back through 🤦‍♀️

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emjadex Tue 07-Jul-20 21:35:41


COVID-19 test was negative.

Midwife just checked me over after another 24 hours with the pessary. She could have broken my waters but said to give me the best chance of this induction working, I should have the pessary for another 6 hours. They're going to break my water at around 2am and then put me on a Syntocinon drip. It's my 5th day in hospital tomorrow and I'm so stressed and tired. I'm not tolerating the pain already so I think I'm just going to go straight in for an epidural so I can relax a little more.

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Dyra Tue 07-Jul-20 21:43:08

Good luck for later tonight. Try to rest up as much as possible (I know it'll be tough). With my induction nothing happened until after the drip was hooked up. It really won't be much longer now until you're meeting baby!

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