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Really bad gas pain anyone taken simeticone?

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Chrissayeth Sat 04-Jul-20 21:45:26

Hey all,

I am 7 weeks pregnant and pretty much every night I’ve been getting really horrid stomach cramps which I’ve been putting down to gas pain because as soon as I go to bed and let out a few farts it gets better haha. Sorry for TMI. Anyways, I’ve been doing as suggested, drinking plenty of water, walking for exercise and eating fibre. But all to no avail, it’s really bothering me. I did some research online and nhs says simeticone helps relieve gas pain so I’ve found a few products in Boots pharmacy such as Imodium and wind relief that could help but it says pregnancy ok if advised, it’s the weekend so I can’t call the doctor but wondered if anyone else’s doc has said it’s ok to take these tablets whilst pregnant? And does it help much?

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jojanna Sun 05-Jul-20 06:08:04

I have a tendency to trapped wind, particularly when stressed (pre-pregnancy). I tried simeticone, charcoal... none of it really helped, other than sort of massaging my guts and "downward dog-ing" with my bottom in the air to try and get the bubbles moving... It's not a pretty sight!

Newlittle Sun 05-Jul-20 06:13:44

I used it in pregnancy for heart burn (without much luck) later on. It's safe for use as far as I'm aware but the label should tell you as should a quick google from a reputable source. I would add though that i think it's normal to feel gassy and bloated for the first trimester and it will improve with time.

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