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whopping cough vaccine

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julia2001 Sat 04-Jul-20 10:20:08

what's everyone's opinion on this vaccine? i'm 30 weeks and not sure whether to get it or not?

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SephrinaX Sat 04-Jul-20 10:22:34

I've had whooping cough, trust me you do not want it when pregnant.

The vaccine also gives the baby some protection too, I didn't have any side effects either time I had it.

bogoblin Sat 04-Jul-20 10:23:17

Get it. Whooping cough is terrible. A simple jab protects both you and baby. No brainer.

Get in touch with midwife/gp soon though, I believe the cutoff for effectiveness is about 32 weeks

Prettylittlelady Sat 04-Jul-20 10:23:47

Yes. Get the vaccine it will
Protect your baby until they are around 8 weeks old - whooping cough can be fatal in infants

whatswithtodaytoday Sat 04-Jul-20 10:23:49

I had it, even though I've had whooping cough. It protects the baby too. And whooping cough is a very serious disease for a small child (not much fun when you're a teenager either).

Phillipa12 Sat 04-Jul-20 10:24:30

It's a vaccine that could save your babies life if it were to get whooping cough. Imo you would be stupid not to.

erised24 Sat 04-Jul-20 10:24:34

Definitely get it. I don't really understand why anyone wouldn't. Would never risk my baby getting whooping cough, it's awful.

Sunnydayshereatlast Sat 04-Jul-20 10:24:43

I nearly lost my ds at 2 weeks old from whooping cough..
Standing in the doorway hoping a blast of fresh air would get him breathing again with my other dc watching him go blue..
Blue light to hospital...
Get the jab op.

MozzchopsThirty Sat 04-Jul-20 10:25:42

This isn't even a question
Yes get it

PaulinePetrovaPosey Sat 04-Jul-20 10:27:45

Not doing so risks your baby's life. Is that how you want to start motherhood?

user1493413286 Sat 04-Jul-20 10:29:31

I would; I don’t see why the NHS would recommend it and spend money on it if they don’t see it as important

Aria2015 Sat 04-Jul-20 10:30:03

I just had it this week. It was fine. Bit of a sore arm afterwards but otherwise fine. I don't particularly want whooping cough but I definitely don't want my baby to get it as it can be fatal so for me it was a no brainier.

1990shopefulftm Sat 04-Jul-20 10:34:02

I had it as a baby before I was old enough to get the vaccine and ended up in hospital mums didn't get it back then , so I had it as soon as they would let me.

NannyR Sat 04-Jul-20 10:35:28

It's a no-brainer, pertussis is a vaccine preventable disease that kills babies or makes them seriously ill.. This family's story is heartbreaking light for Riley - their son died from pertussis in Australia where booster vaccinations were not offered to pregnant mums. They have since successfully campaigned for these vaccinations to be given.

Metallicalover Sat 04-Jul-20 10:36:04

Google a video of a baby with whooping cough. It's horrendous! Get the vaccine

midnightstar66 Sat 04-Jul-20 10:37:53

It wasn't on offer when I was pregnant with DD. She got whooping cough at 6 weeks old and was unwell and on strong meds pretty much the whole first year of her life. At 7 she is still affected at times. I'd encourage anyone to get the jab

Dollywilde Sat 04-Jul-20 10:39:47

Is someone trying to start an antivax bun fight? This is the second thread on not getting the WC vaccine in as many days...

Hanrora06 Sat 04-Jul-20 13:50:58

@Dollywilde yeah I was wondering the same...seems a bit coincidental. Like is this really a thing here in the UK?? I kind of hoped not. But oh well.

SpeedofaSloth Sat 04-Jul-20 13:57:06

I had whooping cough as a preschooler over 40 years ago and it was horrible, probably the most ill I have ever been. Trust me, you don't want you or your child to get whooping cough.

CountFosco Sat 04-Jul-20 14:09:32

Who do you think knows more about the risk benefit analysis for the petussis vaccine? The combined medical experts of the NHS or a bunch of self selecting parents? Trust the experts. We have a fabulous vaccination programme in this country, take advantage, both you and your unborn child will benefit.

CluelessBaker Sat 04-Jul-20 16:39:51

I can’t think of a single reason not to (barring medical exemptions, obviously). It’s my job to protect my baby, and this is the way to protect them from whooping cough.

New2020 Sat 04-Jul-20 16:51:23

I had my vaccine on Weds...easy and simple and privileged to be able to get one to protect me and my baby so easily.

In this age where we are all praying for a coronavirus vaccine it's a no brainer

AnnaSW1 Sat 04-Jul-20 16:54:33

Have it!

Oldestchild90s Sat 04-Jul-20 16:57:39

Why would you not get it? 100% get it.

Persipan Sat 04-Jul-20 17:34:40

I had whooping cough when I was about 11. It was fucking horrific; I coughed for six months, sometimes so hard I threw up. My lungs never completely recovered and I suffer really badly now when I get a cough (here's hoping I avoid coronavirus...). No way would I want a baby to get it. Get the jab.

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