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"happy" babies -- kicking or quiet?

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aikigypsy Thu 27-Sep-07 03:24:27

My little one is moderately active in there, some days squirming for hours on end, other days a bit quieter, and occasionally kicking me in the ribs. I always thought that movement was a sign that she's happy, but now I've just heard that they move around and kick when you're in a position that they don't like.

Anyone have any insight on this?

Mine moves most when I'm eating or have just laid down to go to sleep, but some at other times, too.

ccpink Thu 27-Sep-07 03:42:09

I can't sleep either! As far as I know movement is just their active awake time. It is definately a good sign and as you get more pregnant[not sure how far you are] they say you should be worried if you don't feel movement - think it might be about 10 moves/wriggles a day but I've never counted so long as feel something sporadically. They tend to move when you relax as the movement of you doing stuff rocks them to sleep. Try not to listen to people panicing you. grin

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