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Elective section stories..

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0MrsT Wed 01-Jul-20 17:47:10

Looking to hear about your elective sections?
Why did you request one?
Anyone been refused one?
Can they refuse?
Did you have spinal block or general anaesthetic
How did you find the experience?
Would you recommend it?

I'm considering a section after a traumatic first birth. I discussed it with my midwife today who looked back at my birth notes, my memory was bad enough but there were things I didn't even know!! I was 50/50 before but now I'm almost convinced a section is the way!

One of the issues I had last time was a problematic epidural.. they really struggled to get the needle in, I had 11 puncture holes in my back from failed attempts. even when it was in it didn't work for a long time and they had to do something else, I was way past understanding what was happening at this point so never found out what went so wrong. I've got lasting back pain from this so not sure it'll be an option for me again and not sure I like the idea of being put to sleep because I won't meet baby straight away.

It literally keeps me awake at night.. if someone could just promise me a natural, complication free Labour I'd be willing to try but I'm petrified of all the complications again!

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