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Can anyone recommend comfy leggings or band to help smooth out a B shaped bump?!

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Katnissx Tue 30-Jun-20 23:36:20

Just as the title says really 😊
Tried on a few maternity leggings but haven't found them very comfortable (from ASOS) also have some from H&M from previous pregnancy but they're too loose around the tummy at the moment.
I have started getting a bump now (16 weeks) but like my first pregnancy it is B shaped, which is making me paranoid when I go out I just look fat 🙈 would like to find either some comfortable leggings or a belly band to help smooth out my tummy and make it look more rounded! Thanks 🙈x

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Ritchie30 Wed 01-Jul-20 05:20:50

@Katnissx I can’t recommend Love Leggings maternity leggings enough! I’ve lived in them since about 16/17 weeks. Lovely and soft and comfy but nice thick material. Not see through and don’t seem to go baggy 👍🏻

baby456 Wed 01-Jul-20 09:06:48

Another vote for love leggings to, they are great and no see through.

Katnissx Wed 01-Jul-20 09:10:09

@Ritchie30 @baby456 thank you for the replies, do you think the panel at top of the love leggings, where it goes over your bump, will stay up and fit okay when you don't have a very big bump yet?
And do you think the panel would be enough to help smooth a bump to make it look more rounded? X

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ACatCalledLola Wed 01-Jul-20 09:17:06

I absolutely love seraphine leggings. They’re so comfortable and not see through.

baby456 Wed 01-Jul-20 09:22:51

@Katnissx mine definitely stayed up before I had much of a bump and were really comfy unlike some other I'd bought. They are nice and thick so hopefully would smooth your bump out but I don't have any experience of this so couldn't say for sure

Ritchie30 Wed 01-Jul-20 09:38:39

@Katnissx I’m only just starting to show now at 22 weeks and I’ve lived in them already for 6/7 weeks. Had no issues with them not staying up. The panel is nice and thick and stretchy - I’m larger with a slight B shaped bump and it definitely makes mine look smoother 😊

Katnissx Wed 01-Jul-20 11:24:06

@baby456 @Ritchie30 they sound fab!! Thank you so much for your comments! I'm going to order a couple of pairs now 😁 I saw they do free returns too so that's good to know 😊x

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Ritchie30 Wed 01-Jul-20 13:53:06

@Katnissx I was so impressed that I placed a second order for more so fingers crossed they work for you 😊

Addler Wed 01-Jul-20 14:06:11

I've been trying to find something too! 18+4 and starting to show a B already. Will definitely order some!

Kodiak83 Wed 01-Jul-20 16:33:08

Definitely love leggings! I have a very squishy tummy and these give me a much smoother shape

Wotsits4357542 Wed 01-Jul-20 18:48:07

Love leggings I have a b shaped bump and wanted that smooth round look because I thought I just looked fat. I slip those leggings on and bam nice neat bump lol
Theirs also something called the body bump which is a sort of shaprewear dress thing to wear or wear under clothes that smoothed you out but their a bit pricy so I haven’t bothered and just ordered a maternity shape wear off ASOS their bei delivered tomorow so I’ll let you know if it’s any good at smoothing out x

Addler Wed 01-Jul-20 18:51:20

I've ordered two pairs, getting excited now by all these reviews!

Chippednails Sat 04-Jul-20 22:03:51

Try Natal Active leggings - they are amazing. Look tiny when they come out of the pack but fit right round the biggest bumps. And they fit amazingly postnatally too. Lush fabric and not see through at all!!

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