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Partners at Scans - Scotland

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cfgordo Tue 30-Jun-20 21:42:37

Just wondering if anyone had heard anything much about partners at scans?
BBC News says today that one visitor will be allowed on wards from the 13th but don’t know if that applies to scans and got my 20 week on the 10th...
I’m a FTM and really anxious about it, I’m also devastated for my husband who hasn’t been able to attend anything so far. Do you think they would let me move my scan by a couple of days if I asked?

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icedaisy Tue 30-Jun-20 21:47:47

Yeah I heard this as well OP. I messaged my friend who works at our epu and she said no change as far as she was aware. Mine is also July.

It will vary by area though so no harm phoning and asking.

The only other thing I can suggest is that I learnt from here that private scans are allowing partners. So perhaps you could book one of those to go together?

cfgordo Tue 30-Jun-20 22:08:47

@icedaisy Thanks for your reply, I’ll definitely call and see what they say. Yeah I think we’ll consider a private scan, I’m just anxious about the NHS one in case it doesn’t go to plan and I’m by myself.

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Ritchie30 Tue 30-Jun-20 23:14:42

@cfgordo I seen that too and got my hopes up for things maybe changing soon! But when I read into it they’re not actually changing very much - instead of no visitors for patients in wards it’s now one named visitor allowed at a set visiting time.
I think partners being allowed in for visiting on labour wards will be brought in before partners being allowed to scans etc. Scans are seen as medical check ups so although it’s lovely having your partner there, it’s not seen as a necessity.
It is gutting though, we’ve had 2 scary trips to the EPU, 12 week scan, 20 week scan and 20 week rescan due to awkward baby and poor DH had to sit in the car during them all.

wannabebump Wed 01-Jul-20 06:36:05

I'm in Scotland and my 20 week scan was this week. I had a covid screening call 2 days before and was told to attend alone. Prior to this, I contacted the nhs trust to ask about DH and was told no changes at the moment for scans x

Quiffy Wed 01-Jul-20 09:32:31

I'm in Scotland and my maternity hospital has their own Facebook page where they update regularly on any changes etc. Worth having a look to see if yours does too.

No changes though atm. I attended my 12 week and 20 week alone. It was scary but you get through and chances are you'll be coming out in a happy buzz. It's hard on partners, I've got a private scan booked for next week so he can see baby on screen.

el108 Wed 01-Jul-20 14:14:56

I have my 20 week scan on the 14th August and it said nobody was permitted to attend with me. We booked a private scan at 17 weeks just to make sure we can share that experience and find out the gender together!

bestbrowsintown Wed 01-Jul-20 17:30:44

No change at QEUH in Glasgow

cfgordo Wed 01-Jul-20 18:11:55

@bestbrowsintown That’s my hospital sad thanks for letting me know, I’ve got just over a week to go so fingers crossed it changes between now and then.

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bestbrowsintown Wed 01-Jul-20 18:33:09

I'm having my second scan there tomorrow. My dh and son will just wait outside in the car so I'm not travelling home alone should there be any bad news (although I don't think there will be as I had a private scan 3 weeks ago)
Could that be an idea for you?

cfgordo Wed 01-Jul-20 20:08:08

@bestbrowsintown Thanks, yes think that will have to be the backup plan smile

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Sheera1 Wed 01-Jul-20 20:28:55

@cfgordo snap I am the 10th July for my 20 week scan too but I am RAH in Paisley. I am being told just me as well but will call before and check. It is tough. I am really worried about my 20 week scan and due to personal reasons I am having a consultant there to check all is as it should be. Totally freaking out! X

Keepingcomfy Wed 01-Jul-20 20:33:16

I'm in Edinburgh, my 20 week scan is on 27th July then I've a cardiac scan on 28th August. I am hoping with all my heart that my dp will be able to come in with me. I see in N.Ireland they're allowing partners in now, hopefully we'll follow suit

cfgordo Wed 01-Jul-20 21:58:12

@Sheera1 same date for mine! Good luck and I hope it goes well x

@Keepingcomfy Yes the news from
NI gave me some hope too!

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Ek3009 Thu 02-Jul-20 09:18:09

I had a private scan last night and the sonographer said she had just finished work and had come through from Glasgow(didn’t say which hospital) but said her hospital are starting to allow partners back in to scans and the labour ward in the next 2 weeks and she reckons everywhere will follow soon but apart from the partners it will be a long time yet before any other family are allowed for visits on the ward. I have my fingers crossed 🤞😊

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