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Onekidnoclue Tue 30-Jun-20 21:19:18

Other thread was filling up so here’s a new one grin

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WhoUsedMyName Wed 01-Jul-20 10:45:50

@StaceImpactWfan I feel movement too! When my daughter shouts and when I'm in bed lol. I was reading up and they say earliest you can feel movement is around 14 weeks tops but this isn't true

StaceImpactWfan Wed 01-Jul-20 10:47:45

@WhoUsedMyName yeah same, I thought I was going crazy but it's deffo baby. Its low down and pretty much in the same place each time.

WhoUsedMyName Wed 01-Jul-20 10:50:27

@StaceImpactWfan tbh I probs have no stomach muscles or anything to keep poor baby in place i bet it's dizzy in there this is #5 for me x

Miss2820 Wed 01-Jul-20 11:19:37

Hi I’m due end of jan currently suffering from really bad heartburn wake most of the night hardly able to sleep properly...

Onekidnoclue Wed 01-Jul-20 11:24:48

Hi @miss2820. There’s a lot of heartburn going around. It’s shit as gaviscon tastes so vile. Have you tried sleeping propped up?

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Onekidnoclue Wed 01-Jul-20 11:29:59

The tests are such a personal decision. I was so shocked when they asked if I wanted them with DS. I couldn’t understand why someone wouldn’t want to know everything possible. It’s just my way of processing stuff though. If I had the choice I’d know date and time of birth. Personality. Sleep abilities. The lot!!! I’m definitely finding out the sex too! I hate surprises! grin

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WhoUsedMyName Wed 01-Jul-20 11:32:01

@Onekidnoclue so your super organised then! I find out the sex on the 27th I have found out with all of them. Do u have any ideas what you think your having grin

Miss2820 Wed 01-Jul-20 11:40:28


Hi *@miss2820*. There’s a lot of heartburn going around. It’s shit as gaviscon tastes so vile. Have you tried sleeping propped up?

I’ve been sleeping with two pillows and nothing is helping at all.. had loads of gaviscon that’s barley doing much one min I’m okay the next I will be feeling so awful for a good few hours.. last night was quite bad hardly slept and now I’m working from home also entertaining my 3 year old lol

Onekidnoclue Wed 01-Jul-20 12:06:50

@WhoUsedMyName not sure if organised or neurotic mess! I have quite bad anxiety and find planning as much as I can helps. I find if I don’t know I catastrophise and go a bit ~more~ bonkers!
I’ll find out the sex as part of the harmony scan. Last time I was 100% sure I was having a boy and was right. I use this as evidence of my psychic abilities in arguments with DH. This time I’m so unsure. Leaning towards a girl.
How about you? How did you feel with your previous ones? Did you guess right?

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Yellowhana Wed 01-Jul-20 12:08:35

Had my 12 week scan today and am due a week earlier than first thought so 8 Jan.

Just waiting for results of the combined test before we start telling friends. I’m with you @onekidnoclue, I really like to know things or I’ll worry more!!

Onekidnoclue Wed 01-Jul-20 12:10:02

@Miss2820 Christ what a nightmare! You’re doing amazingly. I’d be in bits on the floor.

@Yellowhana that’s brilliant! Glad you had good news (and there’s another planner on the thread)! grin

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Miss2820 Wed 01-Jul-20 12:19:11


*@Miss2820* Christ what a nightmare! You’re doing amazingly. I’d be in bits on the floor.

@Yellowhana that’s brilliant! Glad you had good news (and there’s another planner on the thread)! grin

I think it’s getting too much lol I only work part time but it’s the whole home schooling etc trying to keep her entertained weather isn’t really that nice today either.. I have a private scan booked next week so my husband and daughter can come as the NHS one isn’t allowing anyone to come

Lauraha85 Wed 01-Jul-20 12:24:31

My sickness has reached new levels today, constantly wanting to throw up when there is nothing to throw up- I feel horrendous 😫. Hope everyone else is lucky and feeling good 👍

Seeker2020 Wed 01-Jul-20 12:36:10

Hi @lauraha85 - are you keeping anything down? Are you staying hydrated? If not, you should think about contacting your doctor.

WhoUsedMyName Wed 01-Jul-20 12:40:27

@Onekidnoclue well with the first 2 ds I was right then after that I just assumed it would be a ds I was right then I thought another ds but it was a dd. Now I swaying more towards girl x

WhoUsedMyName Wed 01-Jul-20 12:44:19

So I've done something stupid 😳don't judge it was the craving.
All I've wanted to do is eat cheese crisps. Crazy I know but I haven't found anything cheesy enough. So I went to Costco yesterday and brought a huge box of wotsits and quavers then someone on mns suggested some other cheese brand I don't think they sell in England so I ordered a box of 48! 48!!!! What was I thinking I'm
Now like wtf and who the hells gonna get through these crisps and I deffo can't I don't want to die yet 🤣🤣 do I start offering out crisps

Lauraha85 Wed 01-Jul-20 12:45:06

@Seeker2020 I literally can't stand the thought of any food , when I do attempt to nibble I don't keep it down. I am drinking plenty - I was thinking about calling the Dr to see if he will prescribe me an anti sickness tablet because nothing else is working and boy have I tried everything

Onekidnoclue Wed 01-Jul-20 13:12:26

Oh @lauraha85 that’s miserable. A friend of mine said the anti sickness pills worked like magic for her. Worth asking. If you get them you can always keep them for an emergency?

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Onekidnoclue Wed 01-Jul-20 13:13:25

@WhoUsedMyName that’s brilliant!!! I did a very classy snort when I read your message! grin

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SnookyPook Wed 01-Jul-20 14:09:24

Hi Everyone! Just joined Mumsnet after reading the whole of your previous thread!! Feel like I know you guys already and don't want to lurk anymore! grin

I'm a FTM, will be 11wks tomorrow! Due date is currently 21st Jan. Waiting for scan letter to come through. Bit anxious as my Sister had several MCs and a MMC before her successful pregnancy last year, but trying to keep positive. Nice to have a group of ladies going through similar stuff! smile Not told ANYONE yet apart from Hubby as want to see that little heartbeat first. Feeling rather sneaky - especially with my Mum and Sister who will both be delighted. This whole pregnancy thing is still feeling very surreal - part of me cannot get my head around the fact it is actually happening!

Anyway, hope you are all doing well today!

WhoUsedMyName Wed 01-Jul-20 14:14:05

Hello @SnookyPook and welcome! If your read all our thread and still joined us then you must be nuts too grin

SnookyPook Wed 01-Jul-20 14:17:58

@Onekidnoclue Hahaha yes indeed! My poor little Bean doesn't stand a chance of being normal grin

SnookyPook Wed 01-Jul-20 14:39:38

Ooh! Just been rung by antenatal clinic - scan booked for next Weds (8th July). At moment still no partners but she said to ring the day before to check as it may change... fingers crossed!

Opelbow Wed 01-Jul-20 14:47:15

@SnookyPook hello I'm just a day behind you. 11 weeks on Friday due 22nd January.

My scan isn't until the 16th I'll be almost 13 weeks then. Also a FTM so can't wait for the scan to know it's actually real.

123Phi Wed 01-Jul-20 15:32:38

Hey ladies! I've been a bit of a lurker of the last few weeks after MMC back in Feb - and paranoid if I said it aloud I'd jinx it. Current due date is 17th Jan. Those who have had their scans - what was it like? My letter says if possible they'll send me home and call me after the scan to talk about it. I wish DH could come with me just in case!!

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