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Consultant referral

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metallicbear Tue 30-Jun-20 20:28:54

I am 28 weeks with my second. My first was a bit of a difficult birth - 3rd degree tear, a lot of blood loss. When I had my booking appointment round about 8/9 weeks I was told I would be referred to the consultant because of my previous birth experience and the midwife booking me in said I would most likely be recommended a c section.

Since then everything obviously very much less than normal with regards to appointments etc but I am still yet to hear anything from the consultant, I was expecting maybe a name/phone call by now... If you have been referred roughly when did you hear from the consultant?

I've had midwife appointments alongside my scans and a couple of phone appointments as well where I have raised it but it's been very vague. I also feel a little bit like the midwives I have spoken to have dismissed my concerns and don't see any reason why I wouldn't just go for a "natural" birth again.

I understand the risks of the same thing happening again aren't any higher because they happened again but when I spoke to consultant following last birth he did say if it did happen again then there were likely to be longer lasting effects/it would be harder to recover from, which is what is making me anxious! So I really would like to speak to someone about it. I could possibly be persuaded that a c section isn't the way forward (at the moment I feel it would be the right thing) but I want to understand all the risks.

I have a face to face midwife appointment this week so I will push again. But anyone have any idea roughly when this should happen? Is it getting too late? I know there is still plenty of time so perhaps not!

Or also any experiences of birth following 3rd degree tear?

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MinesALatte Tue 30-Jun-20 20:30:50

I had my first midwife appointment yesterday, over the phone, and she thinks due to my medical history I will be consultant led and said I should be seen around 20 weeks... I would definitely chase this as much as you can!

sel2223 Tue 30-Jun-20 20:37:07

Definitely chase this up and push to see (or at least speak to) a consultant ASAP.
You need to have a proper conversation with someone so you can make an informed decision

metallicbear Tue 30-Jun-20 22:10:43

Thanks both. I will definitely be more assertive about it and hopefully get it sorted this week.

The last time I raised it I was told not to worry I can always insist on seeing consultant at my growth scan if baby is measuring big. Not too keen on that idea as 36 weeks seems very late to be making the decision when it's been a possibility from the start and I don't think the growth scans are that reliable anyway! I'm also much more likely to be in more of a stress about it then anyway grin

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