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13 +2 bleeding - should I worry?

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H8624 Tue 30-Jun-20 19:54:08

Long story short I had my dating scan yesterday and everything looked perfect!

Today after going to the toilet I had bright red on the TP when wiping. The next time I went there was a tiny bit of pink, and since then there has been nothing!

My question is should I be worried and contact my MW/GP or should I just move on and if it happens again get in contact with them.

I feel a bit silly contacting them a day or 2 after a scan where baby looked absolutely fine! What would you do?

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TJ17 Tue 30-Jun-20 19:59:41

ALWAYS contact your midwife/GP!

It may be nothing but you need to get it checked, it could be for any number of reasons.

Unfortunately everything being ok on the scan doesn't necessarily mean nothing will go wrong! They only check the basics at the 12 week scan and cannot predict or see everything that could be wrong or could go wrong.

Bleeding when pregnant should never be ignored, even if it happens on more than one occasion.

Good luck and I hope all is ok thanks

lockdownpregnancy Tue 30-Jun-20 20:22:38

Call your maternity assessment unit now! It may be nothing but bleeding is serious regardless of whether it's stopped or not.
Don't wait just call them.
Hope everything is ok xx

H8624 Tue 30-Jun-20 22:32:59

Thank you both! It has completely stopped now but I have contacted my GP so will see what they say tomorrow!

Fingers crossed all is ok 🤞

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H8624 Wed 01-Jul-20 15:54:36

Just to update I spoke to my GP and they didn't seem concerned as it was only a small amount and cleared up on its own!

Thanks for the advice to contact them I now feel more relaxed about it smile

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TJ17 Wed 01-Jul-20 17:11:42

Always good to get peace of mind. If it happens again I wouldn't hesitate to contact the MW though.

Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well thanks

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