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All day nausea

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lemorella Tue 30-Jun-20 08:21:04

Hi all second pregnancy and looking for tips. (10 weeks)

I'm really suffering with all day nausea (not being sick). I'm off food completely, yesterday I managed a few slices of cheese and even that I had to force down. I'm worried about not getting the right nutrients to baby. Even when my husband talks about food I have to ask him to stop.

I've tried ginger biscuits but to no avail and the thought of eating anything sweet is turning my stomach right now. Normally I have the biggest sweet tooth going.

I had some mild nausea in my first pregnancy but still managed to eat quite normally and it had completely subsided by 12 weeks.

Has any one got any tips on beating the nausea?

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BaronessBomburst Tue 30-Jun-20 08:24:18

I used to ask DH to make me something to eat without telling me what it was, and I'd eat it whilst watching TV and not looking at it. Sounds bonkers but it was the only way I could get food down.

Quiffy Tue 30-Jun-20 08:34:43

I still have bad nausea at 26 weeks, it really is the most horrid thing so major sympathy.

For me, eating through the nausea really helps. Up until 13 weeks I was avoiding everything and could only eat potato waffles. But, slowly, I got back to vegetables and 'normal' foods through force. Definitely find that if I don't eat the nausea is 100x worse and feel better getting some vitamins in. Also watch out that it's not heartburn or reflux making you feel nauseated.

Others swear by:

Ginger (not for me, ginger makes me nauseous at regular times 😹)
Car sickness bands
Flat full coke (I liked irn bru)
Salty things like salty crisps

Try experimenting to see what works for you. I also find that something that worked last week won't work this week so keep switching up. I'm with you on sweet things, I adore chocolate but can't stomach it now. I'm all about meat 😹

Marybird Tue 30-Jun-20 08:45:23

I’ve had this with both pregnancies (I’m now 12 weeks with my second). I didn’t put on much weight with my DS and my bump was small they were preparing me for a tiny baby right up until birth, but he was 8lbs and so healthy. I was very anaemic though from week 20 and I am already anaemic now, I’m having injections. I found that from 14 weeks I’d suddenly have days where I was starving, and I’d just have to make the most of them and eat eat eat! Don’t overthink it, and when you can eat, try to make sure it’s something like healthyish? I’ve been munching on dry bran flakes and buying rivita thins with seeds on them...cheese is great for you as it’s fat...I’ve totally gone off it and I usually love it sad

SapphosRock Tue 30-Jun-20 08:52:24

My second pregnancy was worse for nausea too. I got medication in the end as I just couldn't function and was losing weight rather than gaining. Would you consider that OP?

I tried an anti histamine first that didn't help and made me drowsy but metaclopramide was a game changer. I didn't like the idea of meds but the doctor assured me many pregnant women have taken them for years with no problems.

No more nausea and my appetite came back with a vengeance! And DS was born healthy and chubby.

Himawarigirl Tue 30-Jun-20 08:54:04

I wouldn’t say there is a way to beat it, just to endure it, you have my sympathies! It felt counterintuitive but I did find that eating things, even if it was in birdlike nibbles, helped to keep it at bay. Salty things works for me, particularly hulahoop’s and crackers. Also flat drinks, I didn’t find ginger was a magic cure but I did have flat ginger ale, but that was probably the sugar that helped. Back in the days when I was at work and could go into a shop to buy my lunch I would just stand in front of all the sandwiches and wait until I looked at one that didn’t immediately turn my stomach. I’d buy that one and try and slowly make my way through it. Because it’s such a weird thing, you don’t know yourself what it is you can cope with, you just hit upon things every so often that you can stomach. There were some things I could happily chomp through almost normally, whereas there were other things I couldn’t even be near let alone put in my mouth. But I wouldn’t worry about your baby, I ate absolutely terribly with my first and she turned out fine, and pretty badly with my third and he also turned out fine. They have an amazing way of getting what they need however awful you feel.

Sevo7 Tue 30-Jun-20 08:56:27

I had this with my last pregnancy and the one thing that made a noticeable difference and made it manageable was travel sickness bands which I wore constantly and made sure were in the correct position.

Superscientist Tue 30-Jun-20 09:06:37

I found sipping fizzy drinks helped, water made it worse.
Breadsticks and crackers weren't good but salt and vinegar rice cakes were OK.
Fruit was the easiest thing for me to eat. I found tinned fruit better than fresh for most things as it was already in tiny portions that I could take my time eating like peaches slice by slice. Melon was quite good to eat too. Anything palate cleansing really.

It took a bit of trial and error to find what worked for me.

I got some glucose tablets and they helped to give me a bit of a boost when I couldn't eat.

My gp prescribed some anti nausea tablets which made a big difference. She also said to just focus on eating what I could when I could and not to worry too much as it would be taking everything it needs it would be just me that struggles.

Take care to stay hydrated or reach out if you are struggling to hydrate in this warm weather. My pregnancy sickness returned at 25 weeks and have found it a lot harder to cope with compared to the first trimester when it was still winter. I have been taking the odd rehydration drink when feeling off due to the heat. You can get sachets from the pharmacy or I have been using sis tablets from amazon. Always check the instructions /guidance before taking them.

gemso2020 Tue 30-Jun-20 09:13:24

So sorry you are going through this OP, I had it non stop until week 22ish so you have my full sympathy - same as someone else mentioned, I couldn't even hear people talk about food, I remember once someone sent me a garlic emoji on whatsapp and I immediately threw up 😂 but hang in there, you will get through it!

Tried a few different medications but never worked for me, so I was constantly googling for nausea tips - willing to try everything - tbh nothing really ever helped in the early days, but later on I found sucking on sour sweets, ice lollies, simple fruit smoothies, melba toast..... try and stick to cold, plain foods.

As the others said, try not to worry about the baby - they amazingly can still get everything they need from you! Stay strong and know that one day it will pass!

LatteLover12 Tue 30-Jun-20 09:18:58

I lived on fizzy water with slices of lime in it through the day then ready made (microwave) mashed potatoes in the evening. Sometimes I could stomach the mash with cheese.

It was hell but it was pretty much gone by 11 weeks.

lemorella Tue 30-Jun-20 11:56:46

Thank you so much everyone for taking the time to respond.

I'm going to take on board the advice about forcing some nibbles down as I agree that not eating is probably making the nausea worse. I'll look into the travel bands too.

It's not just food I'm having to force myself to take sips of water through the day too so I'll make a conscious effort to keep hydrated.

I'll just keep hanging on in there grin

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Sunshinedahlia Tue 30-Jun-20 12:59:56

Try sipping water through a straw and with an ice cube. Has been good for me. I go to the supermarket and look at everything to see if there‘s something I could imagine eating. A few times my boyfriend has made food for himself and given me a bite, I found I could eat a few things I wouldn‘t have tried otherwise by having mini samples.
Ice lollies are a good temporary distraction and get rid of my nausea for the duration of the lolly. Sniffing sliced lemons for feeling sick in the middle of the night.
As someone said earlier, it changes all the time so keep trying different stuff!

Sls668 Tue 30-Jun-20 13:07:37

I had to eat every 2 hours to keep any nausea away but it really was awful so I feel for you! If it helps, I’m 22 weeks now and feel pretty good, the nausea subsided by about 14 weeks.
I also tried sickness bands which seemed to work for me (although I’m not sure if it was just the placebo effect!)

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