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Am I pregnant?

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Somethingsnappy Mon 29-Jun-20 16:47:19

You can easily get false negatives, but very rare for false positives, so it sound like congratulations are in order! Some tests are much more sensitive than others, and yes, drinking lots can dilute the HCG in your urine, so the tests would struggle more to detect the hormones. The thing to do, is take another test tomorrow (that leaves 2 days between tests) and see if the line is getting darker. The HCG doubles every day, so you should see a clear progression. Good luck and congratulations I think!

lilly88945 Mon 29-Jun-20 14:01:07

Hi all!

So I’ve missed my period by over a week and yesterday have taken four pregnancy tests!

The first two were positive and the second two were more negative (one had a faint line but I’m not getting my hopes up!)

I’ve been advised to take the positive as truth as I did take the tests all after eachother and may have drank too much fluids to dilute the pee..

I’ve had other symptoms too but can’t book into a doctors for WEEKS!

What would you guys go with ? :D

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