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Has anyone felt like they was coming on they're period but was pregnant? X

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Mumr19 Mon 29-Jun-20 12:23:09

Hi guys, basically I am due on today, my periods have been abit all over the shop recently, but I am due on today, anyways I feel as if I'm about to come on but I haven't, usually I wake up in the morning and af has arrived, but I feel quite nauseous, tired, crampyish, but no blood yet? I've took a test and it's negative, I'm so confused

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Mumr19 Mon 29-Jun-20 12:23:44

I'm also really gassy (sorry for tmi) x

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Katbaby Mon 29-Jun-20 12:30:52

Hi yes I got really bad back pain like I would before a period but period never came, I'm now 14 weeks today ☺️

Mumr19 Mon 29-Jun-20 12:34:21

@Katbaby Thankyou for your reply! Sorry for tmi but you know when your on a period or about to start you feel like it's coming out, I have that but there's no blood! I'll
Upload photos of the tests x

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Bubblesbebe Mon 29-Jun-20 12:38:56

I was sure I was getting my period when I first got pregnant, I wasn’t trying to conceive so I guess I never suspected as much.. but everyday I woke up with strong period pains thinking that that day I would be getting it.. I only took a test once my period was late for 10 days.

Phiphi123 Mon 29-Jun-20 12:43:11

I thought I was coming on my period when I found out I was pregnant. I was dying to be pregnant so was really sulky as I had typical period and back pain and sore boobs and though great another month when it didn’t catch. After about a week of waiting I thought I’d just do a test to prove to myself we would have to keep trying and was really surprised to see it was positive. The period like pains carried on for a few weeks after that and currently 22 weeks smile

Mumr19 Mon 29-Jun-20 12:43:51

@Bubblesbebe thankyou ! I guess it's just a waiting game to see if af arrives x

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Mumr19 Mon 29-Jun-20 12:45:09

@Phiphi123 I'm glad you had what you wanted!smile I already have a lo but lo is a year old, I feel sort of similar with him I did with him, just abit more nauseous x

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Angelonia Mon 29-Jun-20 12:46:52

Yes, that is exactly how I felt whenever I was pregnant!

Ghostlyportrait Mon 29-Jun-20 12:47:04

Yes. I thought I was having the worst and longest bout of PMT ever.

Mumr19 Mon 29-Jun-20 12:49:37

@Angelonia we are currently trying to conceive again but I thought I was out this month! My periods have been all over the place atm too so it's all abit confusing x

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Mumr19 Mon 29-Jun-20 12:50:04

@Ghostlyportrait hi did you see the tests at the top? Can you see a second line? X

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Katbaby Mon 29-Jun-20 13:08:08

@Mumr19 I had the period style pains a full week before I got a positive, so you aren't out the running until AF turns up or you get your second line. I keep my fingers crossed for you 🤞🤞

sel2223 Mon 29-Jun-20 13:08:55

Yes, I had this for the first 5, maybe even 6 weeks. My early pregnancy symptoms were exactly the same as I normally get when AF is due.
Even after my BFP, I was still convinced I was going to see period blood everytime I went to the toilet (I never did and I'm now 33+4)

Mumr19 Mon 29-Jun-20 13:11:47

@sel2223 thankyou girls!
@sel2223 that's exactly how I was with my little boy! I put it down to my anxiety and being scared there was something bad going to happen, my oh is going to the chemist now to get me a first response x

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sel2223 Mon 29-Jun-20 13:16:04

@Mumr19 good luck 🤞

Tiredmum100 Mon 29-Jun-20 13:20:40

Yes I remember being in a really bad mood when I thought I had bad period pain and was coming on. Id taken a test a few days previous and it was negative. I was on holiday at the time. Got home and was indeed pregnant. He's nearly 9 now! Fingers crossed for you.

Bb90 Mon 29-Jun-20 13:44:55

Im currently 8 days late and feeling dizzy and sick, tired and like i normally do the day before af. How do tell the difference between just being late and anything else?

sel2223 Mon 29-Jun-20 13:54:30

@Bb90 by doing a test

ChipsyChopsy Mon 29-Jun-20 14:03:15

Yes, I felt really crampy before I got a positive test and continued until about 8 weeks. Less so with subsequent pregnancies.

MrsJamieLWeir Mon 29-Jun-20 14:04:03

@Mumr19 I was 7 days late and the test was still saying negative (I’ve never missed a period in my life), took about 10 day’s after I was due to get a positive so just keep trying if you don’t come on! I’m not 12 weeks, good luck!! 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼

custardbear Mon 29-Jun-20 14:07:58

Yes! My now 8 year old - I was on holiday and kept saying wish my period would come im sick of waiting and feeling uneasy about wearing white trousers or going swimming ... tested the day we came home ...and bingo!

Mumr19 Mon 29-Jun-20 16:30:05

Hi girls thanks for all your replies, I've have 2 faint lines on cheapy corner shop tests, but have just done a clear blue digital and it's saying not pregnant x

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Mumr19 Mon 29-Jun-20 16:30:47


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MrsJamieLWeir Mon 29-Jun-20 16:40:16

@Mumr19 maybe wait a few more days? When we found out I was literally 2/3 weeks pregnant so was super early.. you may be really early so not enough hormones to be consistent yet! Everything crossed for you 🤞🏼🤞🏼

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