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One painful boob

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CluelessBaker Mon 29-Jun-20 08:40:30

Hi all. I’ve had intermittent tenderness / breast pain throughout my pregnancy (currently 16 weeks) but nothing too bad or intolerable. But over the last day or so, I have developed incredible pain in just one boob. It’s concentrated round the nipple and it honestly feels like the most horrendous bruise or injury. It’s tender to touch, even just a brush of fabric, and hurts whichever way I lie down.

Is this a normal pregnancy thing, or does that fact that it’s only on one side and so much worse than normal mean it’s something to be concerned about?

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Frazzlerock Mon 29-Jun-20 09:39:25

Pretty sure that's normal. My left boob hurts more and is way bigger than the right which has barely changed!

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