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Leaking waters, discharge or wee!? TMI

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SassyPants87 Sun 28-Jun-20 23:42:38

Hi hoping someone can let me know if they have experienced similar

I'm 24 weeks and lately I keep getting wet patches in my knickers! And then this evening I could feel a very small 'gush' that I could also feel through my leggings. The fluid was clear and I smelt it but I couldn't really tell what it smelt of!

I'm not sure what I'm leaking but I hope to god it's not amniotic fluid!

I'm going to call my midwife in the morning but has anyone else had this and it's just been watery discharge/ urine?

I can feel baby moving around as per usual

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2020mumtobee Mon 29-Jun-20 01:03:13

This also happened to me a lot particularly in the second trimester and early third. I went to see the midwife who checked it was amniotic fluid. It was just clear discharge which is considered normal.

Hope your midwife got you sorted!

LizzyAnna99 Mon 29-Jun-20 02:04:23

This happened a lot to me and it was discharge. So much of it and I can feel it coming out, and it gets worse (sorry!) I’m 36+5 now

sel2223 Mon 29-Jun-20 05:41:18

I've had this a few times and it's so uncomfortable. It's just been discharge for me but it's panicked me a few times thinking it's my waters leaking.

Whatelsecouldibecalled Mon 29-Jun-20 05:48:55

I had loads of discharge during pregnancy. Particularly I thought later on waters were going. (When they did it was in spectral fashion and very different!) If it is your waters it would continue to leak rather than on and off. And also it would pool if you sat down so worse if you stood up. You can buy pads from boots that change colour to detect amniotic fluid if that would help? As always though please speak to your midwife if concerned.

keepyourdistance Mon 29-Jun-20 06:06:32

I also had this OP from 20 weeks. Now 26 and it has calmed down. Crazy these sudden changes especially when it is your first.
Someone recommended wearing a pad, it feels like much more liquid on your pants than it is. If the pad is wet contact midwife xxx

SassyPants87 Mon 29-Jun-20 12:09:12

Thanks everyone for your reassuring messages.

I put a pad on and nothings 'come out' all morning. My midwife also advised me to put a pad on and call them back if the pad is getting soaked but I'm totally dry now

Pregnancy sure does some crazy things to your body!

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