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Unexpected pregnancy

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emmab96 Sun 28-Jun-20 16:57:37

Please feel free to skip if you're struggling to conceive as I don't want to upset anyone.

I've just found out I'm pregnant but I'm so confused as to how I am as I've been on the depo injection since giving birth to my son I haven't missed an injection and I waited longer than advised before having unprotected sex the only thing I can think of is that I'm the 1% it's not effective for? My son is only 4 months old so obviously he requires pretty much all my attention as my partner works full time and I'm supposed to be going back to work in October. I'm terrified to tell my partner as me and him both are not ready and did not want another baby anytime soon we had discussed maybe having another child but not for 2 years or so and I'm so scared at how he will feel about this. I'm so conflicted as I'm not ready for another baby at all as I had a horrible birth and my body hasn't even had time to recover from my first pregnancy yet. I don't know how I would handle two children both so young but on the other hand how could I justify keeping my son but not his sibling I don't know if I could live with the guilt of not keep the baby but then I feel guilty that I would be taking the attention away from my son when he's still so young, our living situation isn't great either as we don't have our own place yet so then is it fair to bring another baby into the world if we're not ready for them? I'm so upset that this has happened as I know babies are a blessing but I did not want this and thought I had taken the proper precautions to avoid it I'm so confused as to what to do. I feel as if I must be quite far I have no clue how far along I actually am as I haven't had a period since having my son but I did a clear blue digital and it came up with 3+ weeks so I feel I can't be early pregnantsad

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Burpalot Sun 28-Jun-20 17:00:16

Poor you op.
Book an appt with your GP who can refer you for a scan.
You don't have to continue the pregnancy - plenty of us on here can support you in seeking a termination.
Please do speak to your DP though - you don't have to go through this alone

Ritchie30 Sun 28-Jun-20 17:23:46

Sorry you find yourself in a situation you really weren’t expecting @emmab96
I would get straight on to your GP in the morning and get referred for an early scan. Did you have sex at any point before getting your injection after the birth of your son (I’m not sure what the timeline is for getting it after birth)? As you said, with the test reading 3+ it does seem like you could be slightly further on.
Please don’t deal with this on your own though - talk to your partner. This something that you both need to face together.

emmab96 Sun 28-Jun-20 18:19:42

@Ritchie30 I got the injection 4 weeks after I had my son but I didn't have sex until 6 weeks after birth so I waited two weeks before having sex rather than the one week that the doctor advises which is why I am so confused and can only put it down to me being the 1% I'm worried also as I had another injection and I'm guessing by the clear blue I was already pregnant when I had it so that can't be great eithersad

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Ritchie30 Sun 28-Jun-20 18:28:05

@emmab96 Yeah it would certainly seem like you might be the 1% unless there’s just something going on with hormones. I think going straight to your GP as soon as you can is the best way to go. Don’t worry about anything else that you’ve done since OP, you didn’t know!

20viona Sun 28-Jun-20 18:32:03

Bless you. Whatever you decide to do it is ok and you will get through it. I think have a chat with your partner.

emmab96 Sun 28-Jun-20 21:04:24

Thank you everyone for your advice I'll be calling my GP tomorrow to see if I can get a scan to at least find out how far along I am and I'll take it from there I think, I just feel terribly guilty about considering abortion because I look at my son and think what if I had chosen not to have him? I'm going to have a long think as I know it's a huge life altering decision either way I've spoken to my DP and he was actually okay about it he said it's my body so my choice so I've got a lot of thinking to do x

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Ritchie30 Sun 28-Jun-20 21:24:49

@emmab96 So glad to hear you’ve spoken to your DP 😊 Don’t feel guilty about considering all your options - only you guys will be able to make the right choice for your family and your circumstances just now. And try not to compare it to choosing not to have your son - you were facing a completely different set of circumstances when you continued with that pregnancy. Please let us know how you get on ❤️

Burpalot Mon 29-Jun-20 15:16:44

Hi op. How are you doing today? Did you manage to get an emergency GP appointment?

emmab96 Mon 29-Jun-20 18:54:19

@Burpalot yes I did thanks, I spoke to my gp she was quite shocked and said I was pretty unlucky which I already knewhmm she just advised me of my options and told me to self refer to the maternity unit for a scan to see how far along I am so hopefully they get back to me soon but I will keep you updatedsmile

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Burpalot Mon 29-Jun-20 19:01:15

Best of luck op. Don't feel obliged to update us though - I only know that when I had an unexpected pregnancy I didn't feel I could talk to people about in real life I found Mumsnet and its kind posters really helpful!
Hope the unit gets back to you quickly.

emmab96 Mon 06-Jul-20 16:58:57

Update! I had a scan today turns out I'm 10 weeks pregnant everything is all okay with the baby myself and my partner have decided to keep the baby clearly this little one really wanted to be here! So here's a little picture of the scansmile

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Sunsage Mon 06-Jul-20 17:28:46

Congrats OP I'm glad you and your partner came to the decision together ❤️

ilikepalmtrees Mon 06-Jul-20 17:31:44

How lovely OP smile Congratulations! Also just to add, there is only 10 months difference in age between my brother and I. We grew up as best friends, in the same year at school, matching 80s outfits etc. We forever have to tell people we are not twins haha but other than that I loved having a sibling so close in age! My Mum and Dad coped fine, enough to have another baby a couple of years later! Good luck x

helia Mon 06-Jul-20 17:47:48


Burpalot Mon 06-Jul-20 17:56:32

I'm so pleased for you op. daffodilcakewineflowers

Redred2429 Mon 06-Jul-20 18:14:56

Congratulations op

emmab96 Mon 06-Jul-20 18:21:49

Thank you everyone! I'm glad that we've made a decision we're both happy with and we've
got a lot of family around us so we'll be okay and I'm sure my son will love to have someone to play with once they're both biggergrin

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