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Swollen hands

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Babyaug2020x Sun 28-Jun-20 14:43:40

Hi everyone,

I’m sure everyone is aware of the weather we’ve had in the UK recently! I’m currently 33w4d and since the weather has been so hot my hands and feet have been so swollen.

I didn’t think much of it due to how warm it was, but it’s not quite as hot today and my hands and feet still are a little puffy. But again it is still quite warm.

I don’t know whether to call the MAU, I don’t want to waste their time if it’s just caused by the heat as I’ve got no other symptoms and feel fine otherwise.

Are there other symptoms to look out for as well as swelling? My mum has a blood pressure monitor I could borrow to check that, but I had an appointment last week and it was fine. I really don’t want to waste their time as I know it’s probably normal to swell a bit in the heat 😬

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