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I need help deciding when to take maternity leave?

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didsnbump Wed 26-Sep-07 08:17:39

I have to make my decision when to take my maternity leave in the next few days and really cant decide what to do. I dont know wether to leave at 32 or 34 weeks.

Where i live can get very wintery in november so will have to drive or walk to work in the ice and snow if i stay longer, which i dont really fancy doing, but i dont wanna take to much time off and get bored.

Whats every one else planning on doing????

BandofMothers Wed 26-Sep-07 08:21:06

I didn't get bored, there is a lot to do, and then you have to make the most of being without children for the very last time in your life, which is a couple of mths that you should treasure believe megrin
Plus you'll be knackered by then.

I was due on Dec 14th and left on Nov 1st. so about 34 then I think.

I think it's wrong that you have to decide so early, as you just don't know.
Def earlier if it's going to be icy and dangerous. IMO

PregnantGrrrl Wed 26-Sep-07 08:22:01

I stopped at 37weeks with DS, i have a desk job and he was my first, so no other kids to look after at that time.

Planned to stop at 37wks again this time, but so exhausted i stopped 10 days earlier.

You should be able to say 34 weeks initially, but ask to finish a bit earlier if your journey becoming dangerous for you.

Being off can be dull- i'm trying to space out litle jobs for each day to keep me going.

BandofMothers Wed 26-Sep-07 08:24:24

Oh yeah i guess it also depends what you do. I worked behind a bar with a boss who would not let me rest, sit down and who made my life m,iserable until I left. He did it with all staff who left, think he resented losing good staff and having to hire more. Not that bad when it's 2 weeks of it, but I had to put up with 5 mths of it and couldn't wait to get outgrin

USAUKMum Wed 26-Sep-07 08:29:33

With my first I worked up until 38wks. She was 1 wk late, so I still got 3 wks to myself. With my DS I stopped at 35.5 wks, but then they decided to induce me at 38 wks, so only had 2 wks to try and get ready.

It really depends on what you do and how long your maternity leave is. Trying to balance time before the baby and time after. I really wanted time with my children after they were born.

GooseyLoosey Wed 26-Sep-07 08:32:03

Depends how you feel. With both of mine I worked to 39 weeks so I could have as much time with them as possible before I went back to work. However, it was hard in the last weeks and I have a desk job too.

You won't get bored at home so take the leave from whenever you feel that you can't work any more.

didsnbump Wed 26-Sep-07 08:49:11

I have a desk job but have to be in work at 8am so am finding getting up difficult as im not sleeping well at night.

I wanna say i will work till the end of November which will make me 34 weeks but am knacked now! I just wish you could change the date easier if it gets to much sooner then that!

nappyaddict Wed 26-Sep-07 08:49:16

i planned to have my mat leave from my due date - the latest you are allowed it. bubs came 2 weeks early so it actually started before this.

nappyaddict Wed 26-Sep-07 08:58:00

btw i only work part time though. if you work full time you might prefer to leave at say 38 weeks.

thehairybabysmum Wed 26-Sep-07 09:10:02

im due on 7th oct and today is my last day...i have a desk job too and this is second baby.

Yes i get tired but would also feel tired at home i reckon. I would rather have the time off with the baby next year. I guess it depends on if you are planning to return to work after.

I found htat when i had to go back to work last time it was at 6 months and that is when i was really enjoying ds so was glad to have the time then.

didsnbump Wed 26-Sep-07 09:22:58

Your all doing so well to work so long.
Ive had enough of work already!

Im planning on taking the full 52 weeks unless i feel i need to come back to work earlier. Am in two minds as to return at all as will only take home £200 after i have paid for child care so not sure yet if its going to be worth it. Just have to wait and see how i feel, as My hubby is away for 6 months next year so i may need the company of work!!!!

mixedmama Wed 26-Sep-07 09:35:52

I left really early last time, but mainly cos i fell out with my boss so it was about 31 weeks. Was a little boring but got to have nice long baths, sleep and snooze during the day.

This time I had been planning to work until Xmas making me 39 weeks, but as i am workign full time, have another child who will be 22 months I am finding it increasingly difficult with work so think maybe I am being a tad ambitious. I am 27 weeks and feel like i shoudl already be on mat leave, so am thinking of perhaps 34 weeks.

Jamantha Wed 26-Sep-07 09:41:53

I planned to work to 36 weeks, take 2 weeks annual leave and then start ML. I have a desk job and work flexi time so thought that would be manageable. Was pretty knackered by 34 weeks and really looking forward to time off, but DD born at 35.5 weeks, so started ML by going into labour (spontaneously), no chance to rest, and ended up having my "leaving" do several weeks after the birth. So best of luck and be warned!

WheresMyWaistGone Thu 27-Sep-07 16:49:13

I am in my 2nd week off, having finished with 4 weeks to go. I had 3 hours of travelling into London every day and wish I had decided to finish earlier as I was so tired.

However, here's a tip. My first week off was annual leave and the 4 weeks before that I took at least one day off each week, which did help a bit.

Good luck!

pistachio Thu 27-Sep-07 16:59:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

snig Thu 27-Sep-07 17:03:00

i am in my 35 week now and still have another two weeks of work keft.(boo)
I am a home carer so my job involves alot of bending over kneeling down etc.
I think when the old people i go and see started asking me if i need help getting up it was probably time that i left, i do think i have been a tad over ambitous!!!
However like most people i want to spend as much time at home with my baby as poss so am going to battle on til 10th Oct.

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