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31 weeks, so big so uncomfortable!

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Wudgy Sat 27-Jun-20 07:26:27

I’m only 31 weeks and I’m thinking how on earth can I get any bigger, I feel like I have the same size of bump as I did full term with last baby! The heat , the waddling, the uncomfortable sleep and then I realise I have weeks and weeks of this left! I have had several people comment to me about how I look fit to burst anyday and how round my face has gotten- not helpful and makes me feel embarrassed of how I look. I had very bad swelling during my last pregnancy that started around this time so I know I could have this again and things will be looking and feeling worse!
I try to get as much walking done as possible and just get on with things with other DC to definitely not laying up bored etc. Anyone else just feeling a little fed up at this stage of pregnancy or any advice?

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babbaganoush Sat 27-Jun-20 07:29:39

I hear you!! I’m 29 weeks pregnant with number 2 and I honestly feel huge. Already so uncomfortable, especially in bed. My first was 9lbs 6oz and it looks like this baby will also be big...if not bigger confused already had some comments saying I must be due soon etc. Nope...not due until September but thanks for the reminder that I’m the size of a small planet.

Sipperskipper Sat 27-Jun-20 07:36:04

29 weeks here with no. 2 and I feel your pain. Am absolutely massive, and so uncomfortable. With DD1 I walked 10 miles the day I went into labour at 41 weeks. This time round I doubt I could walk 2 miles today! Ugh!

Lovelostnfoundx Sat 27-Jun-20 07:39:49

Yes, completely feeling it. I’m 41+2 and even maternity clothes are too tight. I’m living in a string bikini top and my husband’s pyjama bottoms as everything is so uncomfortable. A couple of months back my next door neighbour (who we really don’t know well aside from the odd small talk) shouted, “alright, Fatty” at me over the fence. I wasn’t even that big then. I’m not sure why people feel the need to comment but there’s something wrong with them, not you. The end is in sight and soon you will be back to yourself. Be kind to yourself.

KittyKat2020 Sat 27-Jun-20 07:43:16

Yep this right here! I’m 32+2 and huge!! So many people keep commenting on how massive I am and baby is already 5 pound 11

Wudgy Sat 27-Jun-20 07:50:39

Thanks ladies it’s good to know others as feeling similar- although sad for you that you equally as uncomfortable etc!

@Lovelostnfoundx ah hopefully won’t be much longer for you now, you have done so fab getting to this stage especially with the recent heat!
My first baby arrived by 37.5 weeks ( induced for medical reason) so In my mind I think I can’t possibly go longer than this however realising now how that’s a unrealistic milestone to aim for as I could well be still pregnant at 41 weeks like most people!

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Wudgy Sat 27-Jun-20 07:54:21

@KittyKat2020@babbaganoush love how other people just think it’s acceptable to comment on our size etc! The last person who said to me oh You must be due soon I answered casually oh no awhile yet and they then wanted to know when and were horrified and insisted surely my dates were wrong considering how massive I was!! As this was a random person in a supermarket I was livid and must tried to be polite but should have given her a mouthful!

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mamansnet Sat 27-Jun-20 08:03:38

I was feeling EXACTLY how you were OP. Huge, people thinking i was due twins any day and no energy whatsoever. Hot at night even before the heatwave, tummy sore and stretched, permanently exhausted and out of breath, DS constantly driving me nuts. Unable to walk to the shops over the road without getting tired and having to sit down, and I'd started taking the car to pick DS up from school half a mile away because I couldn't walk it any more. I couldn't WAIT for the end!!

Then I went and broke my ankle last week, slipping off a step at 31+0. I'm in a wheelchair, can't get up/downstairs or out of the house without help and to be honest, the pregnancy has taken a total backseat! In a way it's good, because I'm no longer rushing about trying to get stuff sorted for baby's arrival, and I've been forced to sit on my arse all day 'relaxing'. It's not easy pulling yourself up the stairs on your bum with a heavy belly sticking out, so I'm spending a lot of time in bed and internet shopping for baby stuff.

So no real advice, but now that I've got something else to focus on, I actually do feel like all my pregnancy symptoms have disappeared. I'm so taken up with things like what time are my meds due, when is the nurse coming, etc, that the days are starting to fly by, and that's really helping. The Brixton Hicks have stopped, my hips are no longer aching and apart from the pain in my foot, I feel pretty good.

I was driving myself nuts counting down the days to my due date, but now I find myself forgetting that I'm 8 months pregnant. It's mad!!

maryd84 Sat 27-Jun-20 10:17:01

I'm 33 weeks and trying to sleep has become so difficult. Feel huge and uncomfortable. Also have rib pain, heartburn and weird heart palpitations. The heat is not helping either. The first two trimesters were so easy compared to the third.
And theres still alot of weeks left of this🙁

BabyB19 Sat 27-Jun-20 19:09:54

Yep yep yep! I am done. 32 weeks with 1st and even my earrings are passing me off today! Had a full day of quite intense BH yesterday and for a minute thought it was actually going to be real labour, it went on ALL DAY! Today they have stopped but my back hurts and I'm absolutely wiped out. I feel suffocated with a bra on but then my MASSIVE tits chafe if I don't wear one 😭🤣 at least we're all in the same boat! X

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