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Brown spotting second trimester

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NessV Fri 26-Jun-20 21:04:11

Hi all!!
Just wondering if anyone has had experience with brown spotting in second trimester - started week 13 intermittently and I’m nearly 18 weeks, still experiencing it everyday.
I’ve had swabs for infections, all clear, two ultrasounds and they’ve found nothing. Has anyone experienced something similar? What happened?

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Toffee86 Fri 26-Jun-20 23:11:25

Hi, I had every colour of spotting from about weeks 14 to 30 with my first pregnancy and everything turned out fine. I worried alot, spent alot of time at maternity assessment and it overall made me quite anxious but it all seemed to settle down in 3rd trimester. They didnt know what caused it and suggested sensitive cervix but to be honest, the midwives didnt really seem interested (they said only a real problem if its bright red and you soak a pad). X

Veeeeee Sat 27-Jun-20 07:18:02

Thanks for sharing! Hmmm seems like I'm having the same experience with the midwife, unless it's bright red and heaps of it - don't worry. But I am worried obviously.

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