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Breast pumping

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tedster1022 Fri 26-Jun-20 09:21:47

Hello mum’s!

I had c section in June 17th and due to complications, I had stopped breathing pumping shortly after post partum. The last day I pumped was June 21st and it’s now been five days since I pumped. I was admitted into emergency and of course we didn’t bring our pump. I feel much better now and would like to know if my milk production will come back if I start pumping again? Or am I completely doomed now that I’ve stopped for 5 days? I was just starting to get some clear liquid on the last day of my pump.

It’s probably a silly question and all I can do is try but wanted to see if there’s promising stories of milk coming back? I won’t be able to feed my baby the milk yet if it does come back as I have been pretty drugged up with morphine and and antibiotics at the hospital.
It’ll be a pump and dump situation but I do want to breastfeed my baby once I can be discharged and well.

Thank you all mums in advance.

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SnuggyBuggy Fri 26-Jun-20 09:24:49

I'd look up relactation on Kellymom. It's possible to relactate but it can be difficult and gets harder to longer you leave it.

Onceuponatimethen Fri 26-Jun-20 09:25:06

Best to post this in the infant feeding section op - there are loads of resources on relactating online and I’m sure someone knowledgeable will be along soon!

Onceuponatimethen Fri 26-Jun-20 09:26:01

Yes kellymom is an amazing evidence based site. The national breastfeeding helpline should also be able to help

Onceuponatimethen Fri 26-Jun-20 10:09:57

For advice about whether you are ok to feed you can look at the drugs in breast milk info supplied by the breast feeding network. They have a pharmacist Wendy I believe who is an expert in this area

ForeverHomeSearcher Fri 26-Jun-20 21:47:23

Have a look at Lucy Ruddle on facebook. She is a lactation consultant but specialises in relactation. Good luck! X

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