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Would you go on holiday next month if you were pregnant?

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Ella5555 Fri 26-Jun-20 09:08:30

Hi everyone 👋

Curious about other expectant mum’s thoughts on going on holiday whilst this Covid-18th situation. Last year we booked a holiday for this July to go to Spain. I assumed it was going to be cancelled but now will the recent government updates it looks as though flying post July 4th and tourism in general in most places will be allowed. We were planning on going to a remote village in Spain by the sea where it’s very quiet so I don’t think the risk would be any greater than here in the UK (coronavirus wise) but of course the more serious factors to consider is transport, airplane, airport etc - whilst I would obviously where a mask for those high risk situations I know that masks don’t 100% protect you. Baby due in the middle of September and would love to be able to go away for this short break before I become any more immobile but very paranoid about all the risks at the same time.

Would you do it??

Thanks in advance for your thoughts! X

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Ella5555 Fri 26-Jun-20 09:09:02

*covid-19 not 18th 😂

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WillowT Fri 26-Jun-20 09:18:45

I'm not going to comment on whether you should, it's a real personal decision. However, unrelated to COVID-19, you might need to speak to your midwife to see if you can fly. See NHS advice

TenThousandSpoons0 Fri 26-Jun-20 09:59:52

Personal decision. Consider health insurance. But I’d probably go given that you’re probably just as likely to get it in the UK.

LASandOtto Fri 26-Jun-20 10:23:53

Hey OP

It's a personal decision as others have said.

If it's of any assistance - my mum and sister actually live in Spain. I haven't seen them since I'm pregnant (December) and my baby is also due September (start of September).

We were debating flying over to visit them but after much deliberating, we decided not to. My sister is a teacher and has summer camp at school, so, she will be exposed to a lot of children and is concerned about then interacting with me.

I wasn't too worried about getting on a plane, the HEPA filters do a good job of filtering out the air for particles and viruses/bacteria.

I didn't fancy self isolating for 14 days on return as it stands today, and ultimately, our insurance was not going to cover any issues abroad.

Hope that helps but you can see why it's a personal decision and everyone needs to weigh up their personal pro's and con's.

sel2223 Fri 26-Jun-20 10:27:08

How far gone will you be OP? Will the holiday company let you change your dates?

It's a fast moving situation so it's changing all the time but, at the moment, FCO advice is to avoid non essential travel despite airlines flying or not flying and therefore insurance companies are not offering cover. That would be the issue for me.

Research has already shown that air travel is relatively safe so it wouldn't be the holiday itself that would stop me.

As pp said though, you also need a fit to fly if you are over 28 weeks and I don't think many gp's/midwives will be keen to issue them when the risk is known to increase in the 3rd trimester.

UrsulaSings Fri 26-Jun-20 10:32:09

Personally I wouldn't go, but it's entirely up to you. I was meant to go on my first holiday abroad with a friend this summer before the baby is here (in September as well). Also meant to go on holiday with my mum and partner to Cornwall in May, but couldn't do that either. I am just looking forward to being able to do these things in the future.

Personally the anxiety I would feel about going on a plane and through an airport and in an unfamiliar place would outweigh any enjoyment I would get out of it.

NelliePig Fri 26-Jun-20 10:46:29

I dont think insurance would cover this and seeing as catching it in the 3rd trimester would lead to an increase in the likelihood of a c section and a premature baby that could get majorly expensive without insurance..
That's what my midwife said 3rd trimester pregnant ladies are vulnerable anyway! X

Lollypop4 Fri 26-Jun-20 10:55:20

I personally would'nt.
Ive a relative who would've been 30weeks when we were meant to travel (4hr to airport, 9hr flight, 1hr to hotel the other side)
We arnt going now due to covid-19(High risk area) but I felt it was really risky going in the first place given how far she wouldve been and having had serious, previous complications.
I had already decided not to travel to keep myself and own DC safe.

My personal opinion though.
Just check with Dr and Midwife its safe to travel so far pregnant amd make sure you are fully insured, it was an additional £150 if my relative had travelled at 30weeks

BabyLlamaZen Fri 26-Jun-20 10:59:54

Absolutely not. Just so much uncertainty and strong chance of there being longer term effects on baby... you wouldn't put yourself at risk of normal flu, so one with decades less worth or research, no vaccine and breathing difficulties? I'd just play it safe until baby is here.

1990shopefulftm Fri 26-Jun-20 11:03:35

It's up to you, but personally I wouldn't go, it's unlikely insurance will be living to cover it if anything were to happen especially as they believe the covid outcomes are worse in the 3rd trimester.

Ella5555 Fri 26-Jun-20 11:27:53

I’ll be 29/30 weeks by that point (currently 28).

Yep I think I’ve made up my mind not to go now. My instincts were advising me against it but wasn’t sure if I was perhaps being overly anxious so thanks everyone for all of your thoughts

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FizzingWhizzbee123 Tue 30-Jun-20 22:25:01

Personally, absolutely not, especially in the third trimester as it’s higher risk.

Lily2020 Wed 01-Jul-20 09:41:25

As previous posters have said I think it all depends on you as a person, how far along you are, driving or flying, I am personally still driving to France when I'll be 17 weeks 😊 good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

MichelleOR84 Wed 01-Jul-20 10:53:54

I have a trip booked for Italy for mid September. I’ll be 30 weeks pregnant. I’m definitely going if I can , as long as it’s safe to do so . The trip means a lot to my husband as he’s doing an Ironman sporting event that he’s been training a year for . I know most people won’t feel comfortable with travel and that’s completely understandable too . If there is a spike in cases we will cancel so right now it’s all up in the air .
P.s I actually work in retail , commute into London every day on trains/tubes and have a son in nursery socialising with other kids . I personally don’t feel any more at risk travelling than I do going about my every day life right now .

Sunsage Wed 01-Jul-20 11:06:55

Hi OP I see you've made up your mind! I think even the fact that you probably wouldn't get travel insurance says enough.

It's such a crap time but always better to be safe. Hopefully you can get flights etc changed without too much hassle.

LoveSunshine01 Wed 01-Jul-20 11:52:18

Fair enough on not going - it depends on the individual and how much risk you can accept.

Personally I'm going to Italy to see family in August when I'll be 20 weeks but in two minds about whether to go back in October when I'm 29 weeks. Will see how comfortable I am and what the COVID situation is like closer to the time.

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