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Showing at 11 weeks?

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Needmoremummyjuice Thu 25-Jun-20 21:47:35

I was in maternity jeans by 12 weeks with both of mine a combo of bloat and being very short!

RaN88 Thu 25-Jun-20 21:43:30

I've been the same since then too, but when I hit 11 weeks, the bloat at the top of my stomach started to deflate and the real bump position started to show! It's much smaller but looks less like 5 months pregnant and more like 3. I'm 12 weeks today :-)

sel2223 Thu 25-Jun-20 21:43:09

It's very unusual to show so early with your first baby but it's common to be bloated during the first trimester and that can cause a hard, swollen belly that looks a lot like a baby bump.

You can sometimes tell bloat from bump if it gets bigger as the day goes on and is solid at night.

lockdownpregnancy Thu 25-Jun-20 21:42:18

Bloat! I looked huge at that point started to deflate around 12 weeks and then ended up with an actual bump around 17 weeks.

AriettyHomily Thu 25-Jun-20 21:39:46


Skitz99 Thu 25-Jun-20 21:36:36


New here, I’m nearly 12 weeks but having been showing at 8/9 weeks and I look quite big considering I’m early! Don’t think I’m further along as done a PT the month before I conceived. Could it be twins or bloat? I’m not sure this is my first pregnancy?smile

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