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Antenatal preparation course - weekend or weekly?

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sarahnewmom Tue 25-Sep-07 17:20:36

Hi, I've been looking into weekly NCT courses, but as it will be getting darker and colder in the evenings over the next couple of months, and location wise its not very close to me, I was wondering if a 2 day weekend course which covers everything on a 7 week course is possibly better? Price wise, it doesnt seem too different. Has anyone else done the weekend residential course and if so, did you find it was all alot to take in over 2 days? Thanks

weeonion Tue 25-Sep-07 17:33:24

hi sarah - congrats on yr pg. i didnt do the weekend course but did do the 8 week nct one. i would plump for this. one of the main benefits for me has been meeting the other couples. i have made some great friends and we now meet up every 2 weeks to offer support. i didnt get a great deal in terms of info but the connections have been well worth the money. TBH - i learnt more on MN than i did on the course.

good luk [sile]

weeonion Tue 25-Sep-07 17:33:41

that should have been
good luck smile

sarahnewmom Tue 25-Sep-07 17:49:09

Hi there, many thanks for responding .. and congrats on your little one - very cute pic - can't wait for mine to come along!!

The social aspect doesnt appeal to me as much as I will be moving to another area after the baby's born - I guess I'll meet other new moms then.

lulumama Tue 25-Sep-07 17:51:14

some doulas do private antenatal sessions, one to one, which as they are personal will cover everything you need.... might be worth contacting doulas in your area to find out

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