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Maternity Pillow - Recommendations

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ceebee21 Wed 24-Jun-20 09:49:12

As the title says, anyone recommend their pillow?!


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WhatWouldPennyDo Wed 24-Jun-20 09:53:18

I have a dream genii. I sleep much better with it than without. The first night I had it too high up but now I position it so the highest part is at chest height and am so much more comfortable.

Chevron17 Wed 24-Jun-20 11:10:02

I used a Lidl’s full body pillow, still use it!

bee222 Wed 24-Jun-20 11:15:15

Another vote for Dream Genii. It’s really helped with my hip pain

watersintheclouds Wed 24-Jun-20 11:18:45

Pharmedoc u shaped pillow. Much bigger than the dream genii, which I prefer.

Sunsage Wed 24-Jun-20 12:12:22

And another vote for dream genii!

The back support is great it's stopping me from fully rolling over on to my back in the night, I find at least now when I wake up I'm still sort of on my side and resting into the back support (if that makes any sense!!)

baby456 Wed 24-Jun-20 12:59:54

I love this one from Asda,default,pd.html

chocolateicing Wed 24-Jun-20 13:12:29

I love my dream genii I used it in my first pregnancy and am currently using it again now.
I do find that sometimes I still manage to get onto my back but I am a bit of a wriggler at night!

Maxamill Wed 24-Jun-20 13:13:39

I got mine from Ikea, just a V pillow and it was about £6 and it's the comfiest thing ever!

Pinktruffle Wed 24-Jun-20 14:39:46

I have a Nana and Dee one from Amazon which I love. It's a u-shaped one so stops me rolling on to my back and has really helped with hips and shoulder pain that I was having from always being on my side. I think I'll probably keep using it after pregnancy to be honest

WK29 Wed 24-Jun-20 16:59:47

Another vote for the Pharmedoc U shaped pillow. Got mine off of Amazon and it’s been great! 😊

Kodiak83 Wed 24-Jun-20 17:15:12

BBhugme. Expensive but amazing!

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