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Faint faint positive test

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Bow34 Sun 21-Jun-20 09:35:48

I had a miscarriage on 10th of April at 9 weeks but the scan showed the sac was estimated at 6 weeks. So, I am assuming my baby stopped growing at 6 weeks and my body expelled the tissue at 9 weeks. Did a test a week later and it came negative. 2 weeks later I ovulated and DH and I had sex and I got pregnant. When I Did my test I had a super faint line. So I waited a week and did another test which was still really faint. At 7 weeks as per my calculations I started bleeding again 😢😢 rushed to get an ultrasound and it's was estimated I was 5 weeks and nothing could be seen. No fetal pole no egg yolk no nothing. Just a sac. The next day I started bleeding heavily with cramps and huge clots (^sorry for TMI^) 😭 I continued bleeding for 5 days feeling 2/3 pads a day. I knew that was a 2nd miscarriage. A week after I tested again to check my hormones and I still had a super faintline. DH n I decided to wait another week and test. We did and still had a faint Positive. DH did a serum test a week later and there it was... 🤩🤩🤩 A strong positive. Had cramps and lower back pain and that was it. No other symptoms. Yesterday I did another urine test around 8pm and it was the darkest line ever. I might be 8 or 10 weeks. Will go for my first clinic in 2 weeks time.

So, bleeding doesn't necessarily mean a miscarriage. Keep fighting and praying until your body says otherwise. Baby dust to all you mums out there.

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Bow34 Sun 21-Jun-20 09:38:52

Forgot to add... I have no pregnancy symptoms at all. Other than the normal cramps and backache I am just me.

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