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Giving birth with coronavirus

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SmilingLikeMorrisOnABike Sun 21-Jun-20 00:57:08

So I came into hospital yesterday to be induced and as part of the admission process they swabbed me for corona, tonight it has come back positive. So I'm wondering if anyone has any advice? Has anyone given birth whilst testing positive? I've been self isolating for the past week and so genuinely I think my partner must have been carrying it (he's a mental health nurse in a secure unit), I generally don't think I've ever been so scared in my entire life.

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BabyG123 Sun 21-Jun-20 06:08:11

Don't panic. Frosty get your partner to get tested.

I'll give you some positive. You'll get a private room after birth!
But no seriously I read another posters story on here and basically they just test mostly so they know to make sure baby is ok. It's all new to them so no one is sure how it goes with pregnant women. They'll just be extra cautious now.

Good luck!

BabyG123 Sun 21-Jun-20 06:08:35

I meant firstly not frosty ⛄️

MissHoney85 Sun 21-Jun-20 07:11:25

I spoke to my midwife the other day and the topic of Coronavirus came up. She said she and all the other midwives she knows have been amazed how little impact it seems to have on most pregnant women. She mentioned your exact scenario - pregnant women coming in and being diagnosed through a routine test, but showing absolutely no symptoms. She said it seems like pregnant women and children have some kind of extra protection. Obviously that's just anecdotal from her experience and there's a lot of research to do, but I hope that's some reassurance to you.

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