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Silver Cross Pacific/Pioneer

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WK29 Fri 19-Jun-20 22:14:17

Can anyone give any reviews on the Silver Cross Pacific or the Pioneer?

Doesn’t seem to be a huge amount of traffic on the products threads so trying here!

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lc86 Fri 19-Jun-20 22:17:14

Watching as I'm stuck between the silver cross' x

StoneSourFan Fri 19-Jun-20 22:26:30

Is the Pacific not just the newer version of the pioneer?
It looks nearly the same. I love my silvercross pioneer. Had it 11 months now and use it nearly everyday. I get so many compliments.
I recommend John Lewis for prices and guarantees xx

CoffeeDay Fri 19-Jun-20 22:41:01

I don't have experience with Pacific or Pioneer but I did have the Surf Eclipse Bundle, Jet and Simplicity Car Set. Was extremely happy with the quality of Silver Cross. Each piece is extremely sturdy, with a huge array of hidden pockets, flaps & functions. Despite the price tag, I actually thought it was pretty good value for ALL the things you get with it.

The chassis folds together easily within seconds and I like how all the bits are interchangeable. My most used combination was the car seat on the pram chassis because DD liked to look out at things. It also saved a lot of stress transferring her to the car since you didn't have to unbuckle anything.

The only thing I didn't like was the pushchair seat unit and the one for Pacific/Pioneer looks very similar (if not identical) to the Surf. The seat is tilted at an odd angle so it always felt DD was slipping downwards. She hated it and never seemed to get comfortable inside. There is also a lack of foot rest and the ability to angle it completely upright.

The pushchair seat is definitely be something that should be tested with the child, as it might be different for each baby. The flat pram is lovely although we only used that for a few months before DD outgrew lying down.

arleybarley Fri 19-Jun-20 22:48:12

Can't give you a review on the Pacific,we just took it out of the box and put it together today,but it is gorgeous,looks so cosy.
Due in 2 weeks.Can't wait to use it.

WK29 Fri 19-Jun-20 23:05:36

@StoneSourFan Yes I believe the Pacific is just the slightly newer version - not sure if there are any significant differences. Managed to get a very brief look at both at an appointment at a pram shop the other day and loved the look of them but I think the colours of the Pacific are winning me 🙈 I’ll keep an eye on them in John Lewis 😊 thanks for the tip!

Thanks for the info @CoffeeDay! I’ll hopefully manage to get to another shop to have a proper look before it’s time to order!

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Pygmyseahorse Sat 20-Jun-20 00:38:52

We have the pioneer
I got it when dd was about 1.5/2 and we loved it and will use it for this baby

It has an enormous basket, it's pretty enclosed and well shaped so unless you stack too much things won't fall out. I can get maybe half a weeks food shop or certainly a whole day out shopping and changing bag in there.

It is super easy to fold, I had some issues with my hand due to medication and so this was a big deal for me, it's very easy to do both hands needed at the same time though

I've not used the carrycot due to dd age but it seems sturdy, annoying that it has the adapter legs permanently on though so it won't lay flat on the floor if you are hoping to do that for naps.

Didn't use carrier on, I prefer a rear facing for longer seat personally and never used the carrier on with our old pram either. Adapters for seat are about £30.. Put that on top and it's the same cost as say a joie stages for instance. Just my opinion and use though

Footmuff and liner are overpriced like most others, got ours cheap on ebay, haven't washed too well and a little bobbly but nice and thick, practical and look nice.

It's light, lighter than others which is great

The downside for us is how wise it is to store, but new build home so no space designed to store either up or folded and takes up half the hallway. It lives in our boot most the time. Coming to that, you need a normal to decent sized boot to fit it. It won't fit in my mums car though hardly anything does.. Even struggled with a tiny fold up buggy. It's something to try or consider just to check.
Additionally you have to store the carrycot seperately so anyone lacking storage, like us that can be a problem but again... Like many systems

Overall, we love it. Great sturdy but not heavy frame. So easy to fold, easy to push and steer, you can feel the quality in the frame and fabrics. Parent and world facing is very important to us so loved that. Nice wheels, never struggled with it. Seat unit lovely and wide so very comfy for toddlers
I would recommend it, I've tried oyster, mothercare orb, mamas and papas mylo and mamas and papas urbo and definitely this is the best.

WK29 Sat 20-Jun-20 03:42:01

@Pygmyseahorse Thank you for all the info! That’s great 😊 I did notice that about the carrycot having built in adaptors but we won’t be using it for naps so that doesn’t bother me at all.
I have so many friends like yourself who struggle for storage for when the pram isn’t used 🙈 Most end up staying in the car boot. We’re incredibly lucky that we have a dodgy house layout and have a box room that doesn’t get used just as you come in our front door so that will now be “pram room” and it can just be stored fully built!

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Pygmyseahorse Sat 20-Jun-20 07:49:57

Oh that's great then
Before dd was potty trained our downstairs wc was the pram store a lot! Like when it was rainy and we didn't want to put muddy wheels through the car or house and that was so helpful having it just up.

Totally forgot to say, it's very personal but a lot of parents tend to switch to a buggy at some point. We didn't find it was needed much with the pioneer or that if we had the choice usually we would use the pioneer so I think that goes to show its a good pram. It really depends how you'll use it, how you'll store it and where you live (terrain, decent boot for days out, don't drive then decent wheels and light for long walks or doing shopping)

StoneSourFan Sat 20-Jun-20 07:54:20

You can put the pioneer lay flat cot on the floor for naps. I done it many times if we were out at grandparents and she was asleep. It can be used as an overnight sleeper.

I ended up getting the colour exclusive to John Lewis and it was cheaper than other shops. Such as Fenwicks there was a £300 difference just to have the colour exclusive to them. Obviously mothercare has closed but it was more expensive than John Lewis x

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