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emma911030 Fri 19-Jun-20 11:06:04

Hi, just wondered what people's thoughts are on private scanning? I went for my dating scan on 10th June but I was dating as 10+6 so I was due to go back on 18th when I turned 12 weeks to have nuchal scan and screening etc. But had to cancel as we hadn't had the results for my little boys Covid swab. I've just spoken to clinic and they can't get me in again until I'm 14+1 which is another 2 weeks from today. At my first scan I found out I'm having twins.. now I've been so worried about everything being ok as I've maybe done too much research about vanishing twins etc and I was desperate to see everything was ok and they were both doing ok.. I've never considered a private scan before and I'm really not made of money at the moment for sure! But I feel like I'm going to go mad with worry before I get to see them again..
if you have had a private scan did you feel relief after for the fact you didn't feel like you had to worry so much etc for having piece of mind everything was looking ok before your next nhs scan? I don't know if I can really justify the money but I kinda also feel I'd rather pay the money and see they're ok still for the moment? Sorry babbling on.

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EllieJai44 Fri 19-Jun-20 11:10:06

I remember reading your first post about your son, hope he is feeling better?

Personally for me I have had miscarriages previously so paying for a private scan was so worth it! But could you also ask to be scanned at another hospital near you? In my hospitals trust we have 2 hospitals that do scans and you can be scanned at either of them

emma911030 Fri 19-Jun-20 11:53:22

@EllieJai44 he's doing well now thank you. Thankfully it was negative and I spoke to the doctor who suspects he has an ear infection so have got some antibiotics so fingers crossed he's 100% again soon!
Im not sure about the other hospitals to be honest I didn't know it was possible, I'll have a look. Been looking at places for private scan and window to the womb seems to be most available anywhere really although £80 is quite expensive as a whole but I guess priceless for reassurance reasons! Thank you for your reply 😊 x

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sel2223 Fri 19-Jun-20 11:54:19

Private scans are entirely personal choice and you'll probably get a mixture of responses on here.
I had private scans at 17 and 31 weeks and they provided me with a lot of reassurance in between the standard NHS scans but I probably wouldn't bother if it was only 2 weeks till my next scan.
That's just me though. You need to weigh up whether the cost and reassurance is worth it to ease your anxiety.

NanooCov Fri 19-Jun-20 12:30:53

I think you have to weigh up whether anything you discover would make a difference to choices/outcomes in a private scan two weeks earlier than your NHS scan.

You mentioned you were concerned about vanishing twin syndrome - while of course it would be a very sad loss if one twin failed to develop, it's not something that can be prevented, stopped or reversed so finding out two weeks earlier wouldn't change outcomes, though of course an earlier scan could reassure you that there isn't a problem.

In your situation, I think i would just wait the 2 weeks.

Char2020 Fri 19-Jun-20 12:35:56

I’ve had a few private scans as I had a mmc first time round. I always find they are great for anxiety in that moment that you see everything is ok but by the next day my worry is back again and I’m looking for the next reason to have to go and see the baby again. Mine have all been very accurate so far and it’s lovely to see the baby but hasn’t really helped with the worry long term. I guess what will be will be, it’s just nice to know either way

Jkslays Fri 19-Jun-20 12:47:01

It depends what you want out of your scan.

Private scan places can be either diagnostic - where they can preform measurements and health checks OR non diagnostic where you will basically only see baby and listen to heartbeat and they can tell you the sex of the baby if it’s visible.

However most private diagnostic scan studios will be reluctant to do any significant health checks like the standard ones at the NHS.

The scans are more or less just for keep sake value.

£80 is at the top end of the scale! I hope it’s going to be HD live!

Billyjoearmstrong Fri 19-Jun-20 13:05:18

For private scans I’ve always steered clear of the non diagnostic places. You need to go to a private obstetrician clinic. Scans are a little more expensive but very in depth, the quality is far superior to NHS scans and you will get proper medical advice.

I wouldn’t go to the scan places like baby bond etc - They seem to be for the ‘fun’ end of the market for scans.

I’ve lived all over the country for three pregnancies and I always have a mix of private and NHS care so have all my scans privately. Do DM me if you want advice on where to go.

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