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Taking masses of sick leave during pregnancy.

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Babylifewife Thu 18-Jun-20 22:30:38

For pregnancy related mental health reasons I have not worked between weeks 12-30. Whilst I don’t feel ashamed of this as I know this was right for me and my baby I am very worried about how it all looks. The fact is I have a very demanding job and I just couldn’t concentrate (I found out at 28 weeks I was very anaemic which might explain a bit of it).
I’m absolutely panicking now about what the future holds for me there and my professional status generally. I’m going to try and go back for weeks 31-38 and use my AL to do half days, but will they all see me as just a total failure? I mean, so many women pull on through pregnancy (whereas I ended up under psychiatrist), won’t they just see me as totally useless? Work don’t know my baby is IVF and all my other private business. I’m just feeling so vulnerable and worried.

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Sheera1 Thu 18-Jun-20 22:53:37

Hi. I think going back after any long term absence is really hard and difficult to do. I was off with stress for three months relating to my child and school trauma. When I got there it was toughbwalkingnin but I did a phased return. After a wee while it was like I hadn't been off. No-one needs to know your business. Office gossips will gossip about something all the time. You need to let that go. You are allowed absences related to pregnancy. Talk to your line manager/he about a phased return. No-one needs to know your business but even a blanket complications in pregnancy could be banded and no-one needs to know more. Work is important but your health and baby's comes first.

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