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Military mummas overseas postings and planning baby number twos

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kikikia Thu 18-Jun-20 22:03:00

Good Evening all,

I need help deciding what to do. My husband is in the army and we are very keen to have an overseas posting next June for 2 years. We have a little girl who will be 2 in August.

I had always wanted a 3 to 4 year age gap however this would put us in the next posting. I have Hashimotos and am a v high risk pregnancy and I am worried how stressful it would be having a baby overseas without the NHS.

However if we started trying for a baby now that would be a 2.5 year age gap which I really didnt want and I dont feel ready for. And then potentially an overseas move with newborn and toddler.

I do like the idea of just cracking on with baby number 2 as I am.not working and I've given up all my hobbies. I dont plan on working till youngest is 3.

However I like the sound of moving to new posting even if overseas then settling with toddler and then couple months later having baby. Just worries about being high risk and overseas healthcare.

Sorry lengthy but please help me decide what to do!!! Husband is trying to get me to start ttc asap and is being so pushy!!! Help!

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TenThousandSpoons0 Thu 18-Jun-20 22:29:35

Where would the posting be? My understanding is that military health care provision should be pretty good? Hashimotos alone is not particularly difficult for an obstetrician to deal with, is there something else that makes you high risk?
Ultimately you just have to figure out when you feel ready. All age gaps come with their own challenges. And lots of women have babies while overseas with limited support. Good luck either way.

kikikia Thu 18-Jun-20 22:34:18

We have no idea where we could be posted. Wont know till November time but due posting June 21

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