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👣 Due late Nov/Dec, it's bump time ladies! 👣

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ChampooPapi Wed 17-Jun-20 17:48:59

Thread 3 👣👣👣

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ChampooPapi Wed 17-Jun-20 17:53:31


Tagging you so you find us lovely ❤️

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chubbyhotchoc Wed 17-Jun-20 17:54:05

Checking in

ChampooPapi Wed 17-Jun-20 17:55:54

@RunnerGirl123 tagging you so you find it easily love, what is next for you? We are here for you 💜 I am just so sorry that you've had this prognosis and it looks so bleak, it is so unfair

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ChampooPapi Wed 17-Jun-20 17:58:03

Wave @chubbyhotchoc, are you ok? This is all so devastating, it's just so unfair that anyone has to go through this at this stage, it's unthinkable isn't it. So good to see you checking in, I felt like an old friend had just showed up at my favorite bar 💗

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Snowwhite2020 Wed 17-Jun-20 17:58:09

@Runnergirl123 I am so sorry to read your news also. Is it not good news that the head circ has caught up? Is it the fluid in the tummy that they are really concerned about? Sending you love and I am in admiration of your strength xx

ChampooPapi Wed 17-Jun-20 18:03:49

Sending you a big virtual hug too @Snowwhite2020 💜

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chubbyhotchoc Wed 17-Jun-20 18:03:59

@ChampooPapi aww! I'm fine as far as I know. Thanks for asking. Pregnancy feels so precarious. I know every time I go to the loo and there isn't blood I feel like I've dodged a bullet. Thinking of you @nearlyamummyof3 and @RunnerGirl123

roro87 Wed 17-Jun-20 18:05:18

@Runnergirl123 Don't lose hope, I know easier said than done but you have to keep strong. I'm sitting here in tears thinking of you both. my heart really does go out to you x

ChampooPapi Wed 17-Jun-20 18:06:37

@chubbyhotchoc yes this pregnancy journey is not an easy one or one that fills you with any sort of security that is for certain.

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Awkes Wed 17-Jun-20 18:12:45

Gosh @runnergirl123 so sorry to hear things aren’t feeling positive. I’ll have my fingers crossed for you. All my love ❤️

ChampooPapi Wed 17-Jun-20 18:19:17

@roro87 and @Awkes 👋🤗

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Babyhope98 Wed 17-Jun-20 18:21:16

So sorry to hear this @nearlyamummyof3 I can’t imagine your pain right now makes me want to cry. Sending you lots of love, I hope the comfort of your husband, son and your baby will get you through this time ❤️

RunnerGirl123 Wed 17-Jun-20 18:26:28

Thanks all, gutted it's still not better news. @snowwhite2020 yeah it's the fluid in the tummy, it doesn't appear to be a cyst now, and the tummy is just really full, pushing the heart, lungs and other internal organs upwards. The heart is still beating but is struggling. @champoopapi next steps are referral to EPU at University College Hospital in London for blood tests, amnio (I think) and genetic testing/karyotyping, and for them to scan me. I asked the consultant today if they could try drain the fluid, he said UCH might consider this but he's not sure if it would help.

confused107 Wed 17-Jun-20 18:26:55

@RunnerGirl123 sorry to hear your news. Hope you are feeling ok and the next steps have been properly explained. I knew that getting pregnant would a the tough bit, turns out that's only beginning.

Thinking of everyone this evening thanks

RunnerGirl123 Wed 17-Jun-20 18:31:13

@Confused107 thanks, it was a lot to take in but I think I've understood it. It's so hard not having oh there at times like this as he's better at asking questions in these circumstances, whereas I become an emotional wreck.

I'm glad you've found somewhere for NIPT on Friday. I hope it goes OK and the results give you the reassurance you need

lc86 Wed 17-Jun-20 18:44:56

It's awful when there's sad news on here, I really feel like I know you all so it feels like it's happening to a friend.. I can't imagine how you're feeling but know that you're in all our thoughts ❤️

Snowwhite2020 Wed 17-Jun-20 18:45:40

@RunnerGirl123 I am so sorry to hear this... my heart goes out to you and so cruel that your partner OH can’t be with you throughout all these discussions and tests. Love to you and I do hope that things take a turn for the better 💐

ChampooPapi Wed 17-Jun-20 18:54:00

@RunnerGirl123 thank you so much for giving us all that information on the next steps that you are having to take with this. You are having to micro manage so much right now as well as go through this absolutely heartbreaking, and frightening ordeal.

There is hope to a certain extent with what is happening to your little one but the reality of the prognosis has been fully explained so you also know it could be the end. It's absolute torment, I feel so bad for you and your partner, it's just so incredibly unfair

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Babyhope98 Wed 17-Jun-20 18:54:12

@RunnerGirl123 I’m sorry to hear about this, I hope something can be done. Thinking of you ❤️

firstbabybell Wed 17-Jun-20 18:58:17

@nearlyamummyof3 I'm so sorry to read your news. You must be devastated.

@runnergirl123 I was thinking of you this afternoon. Sorry it's not better news. I hope that UCL are able to give you some answers. I can't believe your OH isn't allowed in with you, that must be so tough for you both.

Sending love to everyone this evening x

Kj1010 Wed 17-Jun-20 19:06:47

@nearlyamummyof3 so truly sorry about your loss of one of ur bubbas in my thoughts @RunnerGirl123 sorry to hear not so positive news about your baby ur in my thoughts and prayers that something can be done to help save ur little one xx makes our little niggles and concerns seem so trivial compared to you to xx

Snowwhite2020 Wed 17-Jun-20 19:10:00

I agree @Kj1010 💗

RunnerGirl123 Wed 17-Jun-20 19:14:01

Thanks all for your comments, thoughts and prayers. You're all so lovely to take the time to give heartfelt comments on each of our pregnancy journeys.

@champoopapi you're right, there is still a sliver of hope, and because they don't really have any answers there's not too much they can say. I suppose they have a duty of care to help me prepare for the worst in a situation like this. Hopefully I hear about the referral tomorrow or at least before the weekend, so I know how long i have to wait for the next steps. Otherwise it's just a waiting game overall.

nearlyamummyof3 Wed 17-Jun-20 19:18:55

Thanks for al your kind messages they really do mean a lot ❤️
I'm sorry to hear your news @RunnerGirl123 and @confused107 - the NHS really do the best for us. They managed to save one of my little boys when I was close to losing them both 💙

We've just had our accepted on our new house which is really bitter sweet at the moment. Still taking this all in and adjusting feels like I've lost my right arm xxx

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