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*possible trigger* 6 weeks pregnant with light bleeding -advice?

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NH01 Wed 17-Jun-20 09:46:16

I've just recently found out I'm pregnant and the implantation bleed lasted about 5 days. I had a scan, everything was fine but it was too early so I have another booked for this Monday at my 7 weeks.

Since Sunday night I've had some light bleeding, it's changed from light red, to dark red, some slight cramping and ache in hips. Called the hospital and they said unless the pain was severe or I was bleeding heavily that I should wait until monday. The crazy thing is, I've started getting my normal hormonal spots, almost like I'm having a light period. Did anyone else get this?? I still have all the usual pregnancy symptoms so just really confused...

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Jadegkeaney Wed 17-Jun-20 11:02:48

I'm 21 weeks and I had bleeding at around 6 weeks aswell..everything was fine and can be very normal aslong as its not a heavy flow. Spots..well your body is going through a very hormonal experience so again..normal. I have hormonal breakouts atm.

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