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Gestational Diabetes

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flameprincess Tue 16-Jun-20 16:51:29

Hi I just wondered what your opinion was on this. I had an HBA1C test at 20 weeks and random blood sugar. The HB one came back fine but the random blood sugar got 'lost' so they asked me go back today (currently 25 weeks). Wasn't told to fast or anything.

I had my breakfast (not the healthiest... sausage sarnie!) and went for the test half hour later. Not the most sensible I know but I was pushed for time this morning, wish I had waited a few hours now.

Had a call to say as my blood sugar was 9.3 I have GD and need to now test 4 times a day. I know that generally your levels need to be below 9 but that's when testing 2 hours after food. I ate literally before the test. I told them this but they said it doesnt matter - in my opinion it does as had I gone for the test before breakfast or waited a few hours I'd not have then had the call!

I'm going to do the tests 4 times a day anyway and have a 'fasting' sugar test at 28 weeks - do you reckon if the results are ok from that and my readings I will be given the all clear??

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