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Going back to work - COVID

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FrankieChips Tue 16-Jun-20 09:12:34

Hi everyone. Just wondered now that lockdown is easing and shops and businesses are opening again, will anyone be returning to work now? If you can work from home will you be continuing to do that? I can WFH but might have to go into the office occasionally but I'm not sure if I should insist on staying at home. I haven't seen anywhere that pregnant women are more at risk but I obviously want to ensure the best for my baby.

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sel2223 Tue 16-Jun-20 10:01:16

This doesn't really apply to me as I'll be starting maternity leave before my work want everyone back but I just wanted to say that the current guidelines about pregnant women being more 'at risk' or vulnerable is in relation to those over 28 weeks or with additional health problems.

Not sure what gestation you are but over 28 weeks, I would not be happy to go back.
Under 28 weeks and there is no evidence you or your baby are more at risk than anyone else so I would just be taking extra care regarding social distancing and hygiene. Your employer should also be doing a risk assessment with you as well as some jobs will carry more risks than others.

Foreverbaffled Tue 16-Jun-20 10:41:01

I’m only 16 weeks but work have said they are happy for me to continue working from home. I’m a mental health nurse and fortunately can do the majority of my role over the phone/video call. I wouldn’t be happy to go back into the community seeing multiple people in their homes every day. I think I’d feel more comfortable popping into the office occasionally as much easier to maintain social distancing. My son will be going back to nursery two days a week from July which increases risks but can’t keep us all locked down until the baby comes. Life goes on.

RunnerGirl123 Tue 16-Jun-20 11:11:49

I'm in a similar situation to you, my office is reopening and we'll be expected to go in occasionally at first. I think it depends on how you get in to the office. I'll be happy to drive in, which I can do, but would be more worried if I was getting public transport (into london). I think you should speak to your manager, mine has been really good to say we can continue working from home if we don't feel safe going in. There's no specific guidance in my office re returning when pregnant so I think it's about assessing all aspects and then making an informed decision.

FrankieChips Tue 16-Jun-20 11:48:53

Thanks everyone. I'm only 6 weeks so I guess I'm low risk. I think they will probably be understanding. I think I might WANT to go into the office sometimes as this isolation is getting to us all. I think I'll ask to WFH as much as possible after 16 weeks.

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SparklingPinot Tue 16-Jun-20 12:06:28

I don’t want to and am feeling really anxious about this (work in an office & expecting them to start talking about us going back in any day now). I’m only 8 x weeks & not told them yet so I shall cross that bridge when it comes. The current guidance on returning to offices states that clinically vulnerable (which pregnant women are classified as) “should be helped to work from home, either in their current role or in an alternative role.”

sel2223 Tue 16-Jun-20 12:47:40

For those of you feeling worried, this website might help:

It has all the official updates in relation to the risks, working and what antenatal care you should be receiving.

BabyG08 Tue 16-Jun-20 12:59:29

I’m 32 weeks and I work in a nursery, been off since the start of lockdown and obviously with being this far gone and it’s practically impossible to social distance with children, my work has decided to keep me on furlough until my maternity leave starts. Which yes is nice to be paid to be off etc. But I miss being busy working, I just feel like Ive had the longest maternity leave ever 😂

sel2223 Tue 16-Jun-20 13:01:13

Have a read of these q&a's from mumsnet too. These were updated on 4th June and the last 4 questions are about employment.

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